Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 16, 2017 (Dane Wigington
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The 911 anniversary has again come and gone, this time with hardly a mention. Where are all the self-proclaimed patriots? Why have so few Americans never even questioned the blatantly false official narrative for 911? How many are having increasing respiratory issues? Difficult breathing is not just from the completely contaminated air column (much of it from the climate engineering fallout), but is also from the rapidly depleting atmospheric oxygen content. Headlines on accelerating wildlife population collapses continue to come, yet the “experts” seem to have no idea what is wrong in almost every case. How many official sources are simply being told to lie until the last possible moment in order to avoid panicking populations? Are the recently flooded regions in the US (and around the world) convenient opportunities for covert biowarfare to be carried out against unsuspecting populations? Populations that are not just expendable to the global power structure, but an increasing liability to those in power.
Survival on planet Earth is rapidly becoming more difficult and precarious for ever increasing percentages of global populations. Anyone anywhere who believes they are somehow immune to what is unfolding, is gravely mistaken. We have only one planet, we will sink or swim together. Why are we here? If not to carry out our individual part for the greater good, then why? It is not too late to make a difference for the better, it is not too late to alter the composition of the equation we collectively face, but we must make every day count. All of us are needed to help with the critical effort to sound the alarm, sharing credible data with others is the most effective way forward.
Dane Wigington

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