GeoEngineering: The Collapse of Civilization, Weather Warfare Dane Wigington

Who has not noticed how intense the sun now feels? Who has not noticed how quickly it begins to burn the skin? Many have also begun to notice plants and trees which are having their foliage burned. This is not your imagination and the seriousness of this ever worsening fact can not be overstated.
Dane Wigington

The entire planet is covered in toxic and poisonous heavy metals, sulfates, and bio-polymers from climate engineering/ geoengineering/chemtrails. The entire planet is radiated from 70 years of nuclear weapons testing, leaking nuclear power plants, depleted uranium, and other “accidents” which have exposed every living thing on the earth to constant deadly radiation levels.
Brain, respiratory, and major organ diseases are epidemic, globally. Drought is epidemic, globally. Food has become deadly, globally, and entire food groups are rapidly collapsing, globally. All Pacific Ocean fish and mammals are contaminated, sick and dying in epidemic numbers; some near total extinction. Chickens are sick and dying, globally. Pigs are dying, globally. Salmon are dying. Cows are sick and drugged. Birds and insects are dying in epidemic numbers, globally. (excerpt) Nancy Levant To Purchase: LOOKUP DVD
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