Earth’s chemical overhaul: why we may need geoengineering: Simon Nicholson at TEDxAmericanUniversity

Simon Nicholson is a member of the Global Environmental Politics faculty in the School of International Service at American University. He is also one of the co-founders of the Washington Geoengineering Consortium, an academic group building a more robust conversation around the social, legal, and political implications of geoengineering technologies. Simon’s research, teaching, and public engagement focus on global food politics and the politics of emerging technologies, including geoengineering. He has a long record of effective advocacy on global hunger and climate change research and action.

Climate Geoengineering: Coming Soon to a Planet Near You
Filmed by Ford Fischer and Justin Parker
Edited by Ford Fischer

Space-based mirrors. Injecting sulfate particles into the stratosphere. Seeding the oceans with iron. These and a wide range of other climate geoengineering schemes are gaining greater credibility and visibility as options for tackling climate change. What, though, is to be made of such efforts? Is climate geoengineering a new form of hucksterism? A dangerous and distracting folly? Or some meaningful part of the toolkit needed to generate a sustainable future?

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