Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 23, 2017, #124 ( Dane Wigington )
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The majority of populations have been successfully programmed to believe that extreme climate and environmental changes can only occur over vast spans of time. Due to completely out of control anthropogenic activity (which includes climate engineering), such a conclusion could not be further from the truth. Countless existential threats are currently unfolding on our planet at blinding speed. In the case of climate and biosphere implosion, the threat we face is unimaginably non-linear. While industrialized / militarized “civilization” continues to poison the planet and populations (creating epidemics of diseases), “official” sources and agencies have made it their mission to convince the public that there is nothing whatsoever they can do about it.  The US government propaganda machine has been fully unleashed as the power structure attempts to galvanize US citizen support for inevitable global conflict, their last option.
The distraction of the Christmas season serves those in power by fortifying the populations sense of “normalcy bias”. In conjunction with the holidays, the geoengineers have scheduled yet another completely engineered cool-down over some of the most populated regions of the US (“Winter Storm Dylan”). In the meantime, the overall planetary meltdown continues to accelerate. What can each of us do to help alter the current suicidal course of our species?
Dane Wigington

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