Weather Manipulation Geoengineering Ice Nucleation Louisiana

Severe central US ice storm to cut power, immobilize Hell Freezes Over
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The CIA’s Torture Program

The CIA’s Torture Program

If a Light Worker of Truth goes to court because a Perp. Uses Coercion to Lure them out of their home by Gang Stalking Covert Harassment Electronic Torture V2k, DNA mapping Frequency Domestic Terrorist weapons we have to use the courts to expose these crimes, I was falsely arrested for this reason every night trespassers come on my property to use military style weapons on me and the police are ordered to write up the report in the favor of the BAR or BARABUS the criminals go free and you get forced the GOD GENE VACCINE VMAT2 and get more electronic gene mapping torture in prison. We have to win these cases and I am raising funds for the most important trial of truth in Louisiana History this well write history and others can use these testimonies for their trials…PLEASE as I do see this as the most important issue people of truth getting arrested for false reason please even if you give a few dollars every dollar counts PLEASE ALSO share this feed Facebook is blocking my posts and blocking me from certain sites…PLEASE GIVE HELP WE are GODS people on TRIAL they are unaware of reality…PLEASE HELP…