CIA covertly funds geoengineering – The CIA covertly funds geoengineering “research,” it was admitted at the Paris Climate Conference. Geoengineer Alan Robock said the CIA paid off scientists to put their name on a Climate Intervention report so it looked like it was produced by “lots of agencies.”


ALAN ROBOCK: So geoengineering is defined as “deliberate large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment” – this is from the Royal Society report. As Ken (Caldeira) just mentioned the National Academy report which as I understand was mostly funded by the CIA. A friend of mine works for one of these agencies (NASA, NOAA, Department of Energy) said the CIA came to us and said “will you please put your name on it, we’ll give you a little bit of money and so we can say that say it was done by lots of agencies.” (Audience laughter.)

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