【UTAU】闇のダンスサイト-Dance Site of Darkness-【Pumpking Append】

Original by Kagamine Rin and Len
UST by ReicheruCharin

I saw Hoshine Stella sing this song and fell in love with it, so I thought it would be good idea to use it as test run for Pumpking Choco & Candy. These are basically his Append version for higher and lower voice. Though I understand that maybe I can still get the same results using g-flags, I thought this would be fun to do. The echo was added later during mixing (I wish I hadn’t….)

When I can, I also want to go ahead and try to make lower series for Choco and Higher for Candy.

These two are still the same character, Pumpking, except with different design. It reflects two sides of his friend’s/victim’s dilemma. I wanted to make a complete PV that tells a story, but I’m lazy. Lazy person should never try hard on anything, because it’s unhealthy for their fragile state of laziness. (^q^)/

So here’s a lazy video.