Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 27, 2018, #129 ( Dane Wigington )
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The “Doomsday Clock” has yet again been moved closer to midnight by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. Though this signal should be a dire red flag warning for us all, the bleak assessment from this scientific organization does not even take into account the immediate threat from our imploding biosphere and climate engineering (which must also be considered weather and biological warfare). Our government continues to radically ramp up its all out assault on the environment and thus on civilian populations. How much longer till the breaking point of total collapse? The US military still holds the #1 spot as the world’s largest single source polluter, how many flag waving Americans even care. Does our government view the biosphere implosion as a very temporary engine of economic growth and job creation? Is the majority of the US population looking through the same tainted lens?
The power structure’s attempt to control the masses will accelerate as the converging catastrophes we collectively face can no longer be hidden in plain sight. All those who feel a sense of responsibility to stand against this insanity must help with the critical effort to sound the alarm. Sharing factual and compelling data from a credible source is critical, make your voice heard while it can still make a difference. 
Dane Wigington

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