Don’t believe in Geoengineering? Watch this…(03-05-2017)

03 ‎May ‎2017, ‏‎17:54:02 to 21:29:58 – Understand Geoengineering:

1) Heavy chemtrailing to interject frequency controllable Nano-Chem components.
2) Wide ranging Nexrad pulsed frequency rotation of piezoelectric nanoparticles.
3) Generation of rolling and rotating heterodyne gravity wave clouds.
4) Focus on where the sun is in the sky and repeat….

Promoted “reality”: Weather is normal but more extreme due to climate change

Promoted controlled opposition: Global Geoengineering is messing with weather, but mainly just chemtrails or HAARP…

Actual reality: There is no natural weather (the entire natural precipitation cycle was destroyed decades ago and replaced with global geoengineering including Power Plant/WSAC water vapour generation with chemtrails & NEXRAD frequency control)

Shot with one frame every four seconds. See more photo’s of this on the blog –

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