Chemtrail, brainwash by mass media ケムトレイルとマスメディアによる洗脳、印象操作2018.3.5

March 5, 2018 (Monday) Saitama prefecture Niiza city, Japan. Chemtrail spraying was done yesterday and the day before yesterday, and today it will rain as usual. I explained the impression manipulation and brainwashing by the mass media. About 10 years ago, in the press news of the media frequently, “Aerial cloud sometimes stays for a long time due to weather conditions and stays without disappearing for a long time” was reported. I think now that chemtrail spraying has started since that time. Also, at around the same time, it was often reported that images of pollinosis were “cedar pollen” as a cause. I think that chemtrail spraying began at that time. In this way, the brainwashing and impression manipulation has been intentionally performed by the mass media.