Geoengineering: California Drought 101

No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101

As has become something of a pattern lately, I hadn’t planned on spending the weekend working on this video. However, a considerable amount of incorrect information is being propagated and accepted about the reasons for the California drought conditions, and it does none of us any good who are actually concerned about this crisis to allow that to continue. If this topic is going to get any public attention or if any ‘activist’ action is going to be taken, it has to be based on accurate information if it is to be of any benefit at all.

California (in the order of ‘weather’ moving West to East across the country), is the first state in the cycle. In a world of manufactured weather, that puts California in a unique and difficult position. California is the first state to contribute to every manufactured weather system, and if you look closely at the Western border of California during the July GOES West and CONSUS satellite series included in this video, you will see massive WV Gen burst up from that line consistently. That is predominately generated from the geothermal plants lining the border that are also illustrated in this video.

However, if you look closely, you will also notice that there is virtually no WV Gen at all produced from California East of its border. Although California has considerably less WV Gen capacity than other states (which I will get to in a moment), it is not devoid of them… which the lack of generation would seem to indicate.

This is the result of two factors, the first of which is rather ironic. The fact that California has only 3 coal power plants (the most convenient and abundant fuel source for WV Gen) and the fact that it has fewer and smaller WSAC installations than other states gives it less capacity to produce WV Gen. This seems to be a result of California’s focus on environmentalism. I’ve seen numerous videos of old coal power plants being decommissioned and imploded as a result of environmentalism, which clearly impacts the states geoengineering ability to generate WV.

The second problem is that California simply doesn’t have the water to fuel the WV Gen systems anyway. Even where I did find WSAC facilities, I also found completely empty tanks and reclamation ponds… meaning they are of no use anyway. As I said earlier and as I illustrate in this video, since the State of California is first in the cycle, there isn’t any WV gen coming to the state from other states, to replenish the WV it produces, as is (somewhat) the case in the mid and Eastern states. Hence, over decades of geoengineering, California and the Western states are using up much more water than they ever get back, and thus have all but depleted their ground water supply.

As disturbing as it sounds (particularly coming from me), I consider these somewhat resolvable engineering problems. Mind you, at the moment I am strictly speaking from the “how to get rain to California” perspective. Considering we don’t have a time machine large enough to stick the Earth in, returning California and the Pacific Ocean to “naturally” operating conditions isn’t a near-future option. We are quite a long way from resolving, addressing, or even acknowledging the 100 years of wrong thinking and action that brought us to this disastrous place to begin with.

However, it can’t be resolved in secrecy, it can’t be resolved under the guise of a network of misinformation, and it can’t be resolved without the people of California knowing and understanding the reality of the situation, and contributing to, and approving of the solutions. If the people of California (or Shasta County) are going overcome this dire situation, they are going to need very real and accurate information… which is something they don’t have any of at the moment.


– Edited for space. Full message continued in video post comment.

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