TLBTV: Eradicating Programmed Ignorance – Geoengineering Gone Wild

Eradicating Programmed Ignorance – Geoengineering Gone Wild – With Special Guests – Actual Activists, Matt Landman & Fabi

By TLB Founder & TLBTV Host: Roger Landry (TLB)

What if I told you that you need to stop breathing … Obviously you would think me crazy, buts let me explain … I say this to make a point, that being … Because our air is continuously saturated with toxic nano-sized particles of aluminum, mercury, barium, Strontium and many more harmful components (including organic components) that are extremely destructive and deadly to the human physiology, the brain and central nervous system, etc… This being facilitated through a constant barrage of atmospheric spraying on a massive global scale and in the guise of Geoengineering or Weather modification.

This is one of the, if not the most heinous mechanisms in use against humanity and nature itself today. This mechanism has the ability to end all life on this planet quicker than any other man made trigger, with the exception of an all out nuclear war … and some scientists are already screaming it is soon to be, or may already too late with the eminent collapse of the planet’s biosphere. This is also no longer a disputed issue but a fact easily researched and proven.

Today we talk with a serious geoengineering activist Matt Landman and his nine year old sidekick Fabi … this is a show and article chock full of vital information that you need to see and read. The future of humanity is literally at stake … !!!


I am joined every week by my OH SO intelligent Co-Host Rebecca Mahan. Rebecca is the Liberty Beacon Project’s Media Director as well as the host of the TLBTV show Rebecca Sounds Reveille. Rebecca served in the United States Marine Corp and is also a retired peace officer. With her education and past service, her contributions to TLB and Eradicating Programmed Ignorance are incalculable!


Matt is a Washington DC native and University graduate, who not only holds an MBA but was firmly entrenched in the financial world when he decided to take a break and become a filmmaker.  One of Matt’s stand out films is … FRANKENSKIES

It was while pursuing this goal that he worked on an organic farm in Humboldt County, California and became close to nature.  This is when Matt noticed that anticipated weather patterns did not appear, rain fronts vanished in seeming correlation to the persistent white lines in the sky.  Matt, like many of us, stumbled upon Geoengineering of the Weather, and did so while living in the Pacific Northwest.  Observation led to research which led to awakening which led to devoted activism.

The more Matt became aware of what was happening in the skies and the toxins falling to earth, the GMO foods and their link to glyphosate and pesticides, and the poisons contained in vaccines, the fluoride in our water, the more passionate he has become to put a stop to all of this. Matt’s passion and energy knows no bounds and he is known to “walk the streets” talking to people and handing out flyers. Matt continues to devote his life everyday to the project, determined to bring transparency and scrutiny to our air.

In May of 2016 Matt hosted his first annual Global Chemtrail Summit in Vancouver, Canada. Not only was this event a resounding success but Matt vowed to have a Global Summit every year until there is an end to this toxic assault in our skies. The second Global Chemtrail Summit was in May of 2017 in Portland, Oregon USA. Today on Eradicating Programmed Ignorance one of the items we discuss is Matt’s 3rd Annual Global Summit to Stop Geoengineering, as well as Matt and Fabi’s reasons for their activism, their motivations and goals. We also delve into their reasons for their recent move to Tucson Arizona.

Included in this discussion is the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment, Tucson 2018.

Watch this informative presentation …

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