Geoengineering: The US History And Cover Up Of Stratospheric Experimentation

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In this episode we cover a broad range of information, as usual, but today is a special episode. Joining me again is Patrick Roddie from, and we dive into the convoluted discussion that is weather modification, chemtrails, or geoengineering. Patrick has some very exciting projects on the horizon that you will not want to miss.

Follow us as we open your mind to the true state of the nation, and the rampant illegal activity and outright bribery taking place within every corner throughout this controlled American empire.

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Stop Spraying Us

Patrick Roddie, Portland Chemtrail Summit speech, May 7, 2017

NYT article admitting geoengineering is real, and asking, “should we use to combat climate change”:

CDC “Spider” Scientists Attack The CDC, Expose Culture of Collusion And Coverups

CDC “Spider” Scientists Attack The CDC, Expose Culture of Collusion and Coverups

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Saudi Princess (Member Of Royal Family) Says Geoengineering Is A “Weapon Of Mass Destruction”

Geoengineering in Alaska

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