Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory – Facts vs. Fiction with Tony Rango and Leah Shaper – Geoengineering

Welcome to April Chemtrail Awareness Month where we will dissect the issue in great detail using scientific facts as well as historical information to uncover the truth – one show at a time.

Our first edition of Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory – Facts vs. Fiction – We invite Tony Rango (Guns and Butter) to the table as well as Leah Shaper (ORP) to jump right in to the current state of the state as it relates to the chemtrail theory and the geoengineering reality.
Geoengineering is real and is occuring – As such, Chemtrails are real. However the persistent contrails left in the sky behind commercial flights are caused by cosmic ray increase not covert operations in plain sight. Join us as we uncover the facts vs. fiction associated with the chemtrail conspiracy theory.

Tony Rango Links:

Skyception – Deception & Psy-Ops


Chemtrail conspiracy theory:

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