Geoengineering Explained In 10 Minutes: Mainstream Perspective, Overlooks Ongoing Programs

This series of excerpts is from a CBC broadcast titled “Playing God With Planet Earth”. This is the best mainstream media explanation of Geoengineering that I have encountered. Like most reports from the mainstream it fails to tell the whole truth on the topic.

My opinion is that Geoengineering Programs utilizing advanced aerial spraying and directed energy techniques were developed decades ago and have been used for global Weather Warfare starting around 1997 with the commencement of the US Military’s “Operation Cloverleaf.” My opinion is that programs designed to intentionally change the climate have caused a lot more “natural” disasters, destruction, death, and human suffering than natural or accidental climate change.

Nevertheless, this video is a great into to the topic and the debate. For the rest of the story follow the links below…

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