Evidence of Geo-engineering AKA Chemtrails Time-lapse

So far… This is 2 hours and a half time lapsed by 5000%. Filmed on November 23 2013 in the northwest of England. These large burst seem to be happening more frequently now, and it’s not everyday, and you can even see normal planes not leaving massive trails that stay in the sky for literally hours. THIS HAS TO STOP!

For those skeptical or simply in denial about chemtrails, or those who associate anything fringe with the word theory I suggest you research population reduction agendas, spoken by the horses mouths themselves, as well as the fact that the phrase conspiracy theory was first invented and pushed by the CIA in order to get people to dismiss claims that JFK was not shot by Oswell, but it was the result of his last speech talking about secret societies, but this video is not about JFK, I just want to make that clear. We only live once, and this is a very serious issue, as well as all of the conspiracy REALITIES, so the time is now to take life seriously.

There is no sound as you might have noticed, there is nothing wrong with your speakers. Apparently even despite visual irrefutable evidence such as this and when aerial spraying to deal with “climate change” has been admitted, when it could be a cause itself, some people are still denying that this is going on, so it’s better to have only the eyes stimulated.
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Links for more information:
Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnwEwqWwlzg