Tesla Tower in Texas is Donald Trump’s Trap ドイツ銀行危機とQアノンはマッチポンプ

ViZiV Technologies = TEXZON could not build Tesla Tower without Goverment permission . Donald’s uncle John G Trump had connection with Nikola Tesla’s FBI Files ,Which means Donald Trump knows about ViZiV Technologies very well .
Remember What he said . We’re putting our great coal miners back to work . Trump is two face buster , He is expecting Global economic crisis , because Trump organization has still borrowed about $300 millions dollar from Deutsche Bank and He does not pay back yet , He wants to Gold standard again . and also Deutsche Bank’s stock is lowest price of all time .
When people know about Tesla Tower in Texas . All energy stocks is going to crash . Everybody Watch out for it . Ofcourse Deep state knows about Tesla Tower . Qanon is 100% false flag game.
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