Chemtrail is a quiet war! ケムトレイルは静かな戦争です!2018.2.20さいたま市

Heisei 30, February 20, 2018 (Tuesday) around Saitama City Akagasebashi, Japan. Chemtreil spraying has been done as in the past several days, and spraying has been continued today. Today ‘s situation was almost windless, at first glance it seemed merely cloudy, but when I looked at the sky a little better the whole sky was covered with a cloud of chemtrails. Daily spraying was done in a windless environment, the atmosphere was saturated with chemicals filled.
Chemical substances and viruses are being kept secretly like everyday, which I felt as secret attacks against secular ordinary people and the general public, secret war, by themselves if it says. Please share this reality with many people! And we have to ask the government “What is it spreading for?” As many people as possible must recognize this reality as soon as possible.