Geoengineering: Texas Floods Detailed

Still not a single meteorologist with a name, face, and reputation (to even prove that they are ‘real’) will address the inexplicable scheduled daily bursts of Water Vapor emanating from the Mexico mountains, which deluge Texas and the South almost every day. The only ‘response’ on their behalf comes from the trolling, stalking, parasitic psyop representatives who offer nothing but insults, profanity, and misdirection.

There is little else to say about them at this point. The blatant redundancy speaks for itself. The meteorologists refuse to represent themselves, and their psychological terrorist front men can’t do anything but attack my character and credibility, as diversion away from the glaring reality.

Quite obviously, it isn’t MY credibility in question here. 200+ videos, an extensive website, and an irrefutable eBook covering 100 years of geoengineering reality illustrates my credibility on this topic. The ‘degreed’ and ‘awarded’ meteorologists remaining in total silence about what everyone can see on daily basis, illustrates THEIR credibility.

Meanwhile the farcical ‘meteorologist’ on the Today Show who spends more time doing his Bozo the Clown imitation than covering any weather event, continues regurgitating unmanageable rain and flood totals as if they are sports statistics, instead of explaining how any of it is possible. Dry air coming from the Pacific Ocean, dry air coming from the Gulf of Mexico, yet daily deluge coming from ON LAND in the Mexico mountains with literal clockwork regularity… and this ‘degreed meteorologist’ explains none of it. All the while portending ‘concern for our friends in Texas.’ Some “friend” he is, to the people of Texas and the South.

There isn’t any way for anyone remotely intelligent or serious to ‘debate’ any of this. Each day’s example, is more visibly shocking than the day before. The only issue that is impossible to understand, is why the people of Texas haven’t figured out that none of this even remotely possible, by any “natural” means. Floods every single day and billion dollars in hail damage alone, doesn’t just “happen.”

So, we all continue to wait for any government, law enforcement, emergency responders, insurance companies, educators, or perpetual victims themselves, to actually want to understand it. In the event any of them want to know… we are right here.

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No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101


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