How QAnon Is Mutating for 2020

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Remember “Pizzagate”? That far-right fever dream about Hillary Clinton’s allies running a pizza parlor child-sex ring turned out to be a precursor to QAnon, a bizarre and sprawling trove of pro-Trump conspiracy theories. Its strains have been mutating and adapting ever since 2017, finding new ways to infect our politics.

Mother Jones’ disinformation reporter Ali Breland and digital producer Mark Helenowski will take you inside the Trump rallies that served as offline nerve centers for the movement to ask supporters clad in Q-paraphernalia if the conspiracy is still alive and thriving, or has it peaked?

They found that this once unmissable presence has faded to a crew of Q-diehards as a decline in the volume of related social media content took hold. But in an election year, QAnon is still shaping Trump’s base and could be just one presidential tweet away from roaring back to life stronger than ever. Watch to learn how this far-right mega-conspiracy lives on, and about the danger it poses to an election already steeped in disinformation.

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