Solar Geoengineering Over Wyoming 2018

April 15 2018 Worland,WY. This is not what our skies should look like..
Research: Aircraft Pollution Implicated in Dangerous Ultraviolet Radiation Increase –…

Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program – https://geoengineering.environment.ha…

3.11東日本大震災 実際にあったことや陰謀論とその考察【ゆっくり陰謀論】

0:40 株価の変動
1:30 イルカの打ち上げ(2011年3月5日)
2:02 HAARPについて
3:33 HAARPの陰謀論に対する違和感と考察
4:00 CERNのLHCとの関連性は…
4:57 HAARP理論は嘘ではないかという仮説
5:26 水色の勢力論
6:24 熊本地震の人工地震説についての陰謀論者の動き
6:50 日付の「11」と「18」の関連性
8:01 3月5日より赤外線量の増加
8:32 電子量の増加
8:46 地震後に起こったこと
9:05 東日本大震災の波形について
9:33 マグナBSPについて
10:10 汚染水の垂れ流しについて…米国政府の要請
10:33 核爆弾による人工地震説
11:52 タイムスリップの話




Chemtrails, Geoengineering/ Bioengineering and the New World Order

Welcome to Thru The Veil. This is my first video of hopefully many.

The goal of this channel is to share my own perspective on the dire issues that we currently face on planet earth.

While I lack a fancy studio and all of the trappings associated with it I am hopeful that people can look past that to learn from the message.

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Here are links to additional resources as I referenced in this video. This is by no means everything. The path to truth and awareness is never ending so always keep seeking and searching.

Thank you to all the brave souls who have shown me the path to truth and enlightenment.


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Additional Resources: Yuri Bezmenov “How to Brainwash a Nation:

Additional Reading: Subrosa America, Chemtrails HAARP and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth and Under an Ionized Sky from Chemtrails to Space Fence Lock Down all by Elana Freeland.

James Gilliland w/ Sharon Barrington ~ Geoengineering of the California Fires

Sharon is a Strategic, Project Manager and multidisciplinary Business Consultant with an eye for future technology innovation.

Sharon has worked the gamut of Fortune 500 Technology clients such as Apple Computer, VeriSign, Silicon Graphics and MiaSole to name a few. She specializes in R&D product development helping to bring new and innovative products to market while resolving difficult cross-organizational issues. Sharon’s ability to assess complex situations and identify appropriate solutions underscores her ability to gain meaningful insights.

As Senior Project Manager for VeriSign, Sharon helped to launch two International digital certification franchises that generated over $50 million in revenue. She also Project Managed one of the first IBM E-Commerce internet upgrade projects to a successful launch with a budget responsibility of $1.8 Million.
• barrington/

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Song title; Wake Up Brothers And Sisters

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David Keith 10 years of Lies: Geo-Engineering IS Climate Change

Hes been spouting his “we could” and “Its possible” but “We havent” meanwhile exactly what he wants is and has been floating over and then down all over and into us. Climate change,global warming even “Acid rain” are all by-products of this incideous plot to totally block out the sun, the SUN is the target and Millions of people see and report it.
RFB Harvards DISCLOSURE David Keith 10yrs ago. Keith Group Denies thier own claims Glowing/Reflecting Skies in middle America
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