Chemtrail japan ケムトレイル2018年2月2日(金)散布後は必ず雨・雪?Rain or snow after spraying chemtrails?

2018 February 2, Heisei 30 (Saitama) Niiza city, chemtrail spraying was done until yesterday, as expected, February 2 today snowed again. There seems to be a pattern cycle called rain or snow after being sprayed with chemtrail. I upload it as record / evidence.
In overseas it is scattered all over the sky and it seems that it is often done to block sunlight, but in Japan it is presumed that it is the purpose to let rain and snow on chemical substances and viruses etc. on the ground I will.
If scattering is done continuously, I will record as much as possible and upload as a record. I want many people to realize this reality.