8 Spørgsmål til DR Vejret om Geo-Engineering

I denne video stiller jeg 8 spørgsmål til DR Vejret i håb om at få en forklaring på de fænomener som finder sted på himlen over Danmark.

Spørgsmålene lyder:

1 Hvordan opstår de højtliggende skyer?

2 Hvorfor er det vigtigt for jer at understrege skyerne ikke gør nogle skade?

3 Hvorfor fordamper de højtliggende skyer ikke?

4 Hvorfor nævner Mikael Jarnvig ikke at de højtliggende skyer er skabt af fly?

5 Hvordan kan det være flystriber i dag er så store at de kan observeres på satellitbilleder?

6 Ved de vedvarende striber vi ser blive skabt d. 28 og 29 September (2015) er en del af et Geo-Engineering projekt?

7 Hvis nogen ’tyvstarter’ og begynder på Geo-Engineering i Danmark, vil DR Vejret så være i stand til at opdage det?

8 Hvis DR Vejret på noget tidspunkt opdager at Geo-Engineering bliver taget i brug i Danmark, vil i så formidle det til den danske befolkning?


Tak fordi I så med, jeg håber vi får svar.

STOP GEO-ENGINEERING SUMMIT 2018 (Chemtrails) Tucson Arizona

Here in Tucson yesterday we had the STOP GEO-ENGINEERING SUMMIT 2018 (Chemtrails) which was awesome! Aprox. 200 people showed up for the event at Gallager theatre at the U of A which went from 10am until about 6pm and what an incredible event with great speakers! Thank you guys for showing up!

Geoengineering UK ===BBC===✈

Crazy radical extreme fringe scientists with a penchant for global terrorism, have invented three geoengineering ideas to save the world from a climate catastrophe!

BBC Science Editor Suzanne Watts explains how the sun goes through sun spot cycles every eleven years and when at peak activity actually warm the planet.
Dr Lucie Green, Solar Scientist and NLP practcioner, goes on to tell us that the sun spot activity will ‘probably’ reduce even further.
Suzanne Watts uses her NLP to remind us of the 17th century ‘frost fares’ when people took to ice skating on the frozen river Thames to keep warm. She assures us that scientists are sure that this would be the worst we can expect and that is unlikely that we are facing a global ice age…..(phew!)
Scientists say we don’t have time to persuade people to use energy more efficiently or reduce emissions, so they have taken it upon themselves to create the new wacky science fiction-like science called ‘geoengineering’.

Wacky woo woo scientist’s top of the geoengineering pops….

At 3, we have way out, magic space mirrors.
At 2, its wacky wee chucked in the sea, like Bin Laden.
And wacky weird geoengineering project number 1 is ‘Carbon Sucking’

Well there you go…..what a load of bull!

Aired 16Jun11 BBC.

Thanx to LiarPoliticians!!

It’s Plane Crazy===========================✈

Here is a recent ‘Daily Mail’ article that reveals scientists have received £1.6 million in tax payers money to begin geo-engineering in the UK. It involves a daft idea to launch a balloon 14 miles into the sky where it will pump thousands of tonnes of chemical particles into the atmosphere.
Note…”The balloon and hose method was developed after the team considered other methods by which to inject particles into the air – tall chimneys, ‘PLANES’ and even via missiles”
Now do these great minds not think the idea to use aeroplanes was better than using a hot air balloon the size of Wembley stadium to spray these particles? Planes are flying around every day, all over the planet. Surly all they would need to do is use J P Holdren’s US patented system that allows aircraft engines to disperse chemical compounds that are mixed in with jet fuel. Why the all need for this big pantomime?

UK Guardian story….

Peter Wadhams on Importance of Geo-engineering in a 4 C World

Professor of Ocean Physics, and Head of the Polar Ocean Physics Group in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge, International Summer Schools Geoengineering Debate:

“Is it time to think about engineering our climate?”

Transcript of Dr. Peter Wadhams of his statement in favor of the motion

Transcribed 2014/9/15 (creative commons copyright to transcription)

All Rights Reserved to Nick Breeze, Peter Wadhams, & Cambridge University.

“The reason for the motion, is that, I think, we really have no choice except to seriously consider the use of geo-engineering to cover the period that’s upon us quite soon, or is already upon us, whereby the rate of global warming due to carbon dioxide and methane being put into the atmosphere by man is becoming so rapid that it threatens to run away with itself, or to run away with us. So in other words, some famous person said, “What’s the choice?,” not a famous (person), but a famous phrase. Anyway. And the reason is that the carbon dioxide that we put into the atmosphere, which now exceeded 400 parts per million, is sufficient, if you don’t add any more, to actually raise global temperatures in the end by about four degrees.

And … the politicians, as an excuse for doing nothing, really, came up with this idea that two degrees warming is what we can tolerate if all things get rather bad. And they base that two degrees on some of the earlier work by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and it implied that we could still produce and emit quit a lot of CO2 before we emitted enough to give us two degrees of warming, but more recent work on climate sensitivity of the planet to CO2, because CO2 itself is so long-lived in the atmosphere, it has hundreds of years of influence. This suggests that the warming has already reached 2 degrees. If we use a higher value for climate sensitivity, then we conclude that, in fact, this two degree limit was reached in the 1960s. So that the amount of CO2 we put into the atmosphere by then, if we stopped emitting and just let the climate gradually warm, it would warm by two degrees. So we haven’t got any carbon left to spend, we haven’t got a budget anymore, we past that budget some decades ago. So everything we emit now is taking us beyond that. And as we know, carbon dioxide is very long-lived in the atmosphere, it’s a ratchet effect. We put it into the atmosphere quite happily, immediately, instantly, by burning fossil fuels, but it takes several hundred years for a molecule of carbon dioxide to work its way out of the earth, atmosphere, ocean, biological system, and where it’s not doing any more damage, like the bottom of the ocean.

So, we can’t get back to a climate that’s not rapidly warming – we don’t just have to reduce them, we actually have to stop them, and we don’t even just have to stop them, we have to start taking carbon out of the atmosphere. So, while we get around to doing that, and we are getting around to it very very slowly because, at the moment there still now not even a sign of decreasing or reduction in the rate of carbon dioxide emissions, it’s still going up exponentially, there’s no sign it’s decreasing, whatever politicians say, it could be very difficult to reduce anyway because of the way fossil fuels are built into the structure of our societies, the structure of our cities – I mean what do you do with Los Angeles if you can’t burn fossil fuels and get about? What do you do about the shopping center around Cambridge? So, we can’t easily reduce our carbon emissions, and we aren’t even trying, and even if we did, it wouldn’t be enough, we’ve already got too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. So ultimately, we have to find ways to take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, and this is not strictly geo-engineering, but it’s another set of measures that will be needed in the long-run, techniques like putting sodium hydroxide trees, which is where you expose sodium hydroxide to the atmosphere and take carbon dioxide out. And alovine rocks which react with carbon dioxide where you can spread them around everywhere. Very very expensive methods, and really we don’t have a method that’s not impossibly expensive yet. So lots of research is need on taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

That’s a long way ahead, but we have to do it. So in the meantime there is a gap, there’s a period that we cannot tolerate the rate of warming that carbon dioxide has given us, but we have to try to reduce that rate of warming because of the way it’s leading to disappearance of arctic sea ice, disappearance of the Greenland ice sheet. (unable to include entire transcript here for lack of space…will add CC subtitles in English soon!)

Geo-Engineering Australia NSW “its action time” 30/5/2016

Hey guys this is a small compilation of some of the spraying going on around my farm, apologies for the swearing haha actually not really. Its time the world has a reality check, Time to band together as a human race and unite. we are the 99% together we make our own rules. Step up don’t be afraid and speak your truth. Take this to the next level, real life action needed. No more divide and conquer we are all human. Know thy enemy!!

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neil Pascoe
the nate max project


Much love guys!!!

Geoengineering may destroy us all Hysterical climate change scientists now trying to DIM

The Event Is Coming Soon – Geoengineering may destroy us all Hysterical climate change scientists now trying to DIM the sun through planned atmospheric pollution

Author’s Name: by: Ethan Huff

Read More/Article Source Link/Credit(FAIR USE):https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-05-03-geoengineering-destroy-us-climate-change-scientists-dim-the-sun.html

The Event Is Coming Soon distributes this material for the purpose of news reporting, educational research, comment and criticism, constituting Fair Use under 17 U.S.C § 107. Please contact the Editor at TheEventIsComingSoon@gmail.com with any copyright issue.

Remember when the mere mention of “chemtrails” in public was immediately shot down by scientific know-it-alls as a wacky “conspiracy theory” with no basis in reality? Well, chemtrails have now been given an official name – geoengineering – and even the mainstream media now openly admits that they’re real and being used to combat “climate change.”

Scientists from developing countries like Bangladesh, China, India, and Thailand are actively studying how chemtrails might be used to “dim” the sun’s rays by putting a chemical layer between them and the earth. They claim that artificially blocking all-natural sunlight from reaching the earth’s surface is preferable to facing an alleged impending disastrous rise in global temperatures – which is the real conspiracy theory, ironically.


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Geo Engineering – Chemtrails – Autoimmunerkrankungen – 2017

Quelle: Raymond Black – 1. Januar um 13:39 – Baltimore Maryland

Baltimore Maryland

Raymond Blackさんの投稿 2017年1月1日(日)

Weitere Videos:
1. CIA Direktor Brennan fordert öffentlich weltweiten Einsatz von Geoengineering
2. Geo Engineering – Werbefilm – Engineering the Climate – Chemtrails

3. Geo Engineering Dokumentation – Berlin 2015 ( Chemtrails – Germany )

4. HAARP & Geo Engineering – Experimente am Himmel – ARD erklärt es – Wetterkrieg 2016 !

Der Weltklimarat IPCC & die Medien verarschen uns – Chemtrails – Geoengineering wird längst gemacht!


Geoengineering/Chemtrails – Michael J. Murphy – Coast to Coast AM – 17.05.11

Journalist, filmmaker and political activist Michael J. Murphy talked about new evidence for chemtrail spraying and geo-engineering. The very weird weather patterns we’ve recently been experiencing could be related to climate control, geo-engineering, and chemtrail spraying, he suggested. Weather modification is nothing new, and was used for military purposes by the US as far back as in Viet Nam, he noted. Project HAARP has the ability to heat up over 200 square miles of the sky with metal particulates, creating high & low pressure systems, and actually steering storms, he stated.

According to meteorologist Scott Stevens, heavy spraying is taking place about 1,000 miles ahead of storms, Murphy reported. Testing of rain has revealed high levels of aluminum oxide that has vastly increased over the last seven years, he continued, adding that such toxic aluminum exposure could be connected to the rise in Alzheimer’s. Further, blood testing of some Arizona residents revealed toxic levels of barium and aluminum (said to be components of chemtrails). For more, visit The Coalition Against Geo-Engineering.

What in the World AreThey Spraying (HD):

What in the world are they spraying NL ondertiteling

Hawaii Revisited:

Geoengineering watch:

Coalition Against Geoengineering:

Aerosol Crimes:

Above Interview on Coast to Coast AM site:


Stop Chemtrails Nu!

Dit is een Burgerinitiatief om 40.000 handtekeningen te verzamelen om het sproeien van Chemtrails op de agenda van de samenleving en de Tweede Kamer te zetten.

Onderteken de petitie:

Chemtrail plane, or something else? Just something I caught on camera.

I zoomed in on this chemtrail plane as it was flying over, and I was amazed at what I saw. Check this out and see what you think.

The Most Intense Geoengineering Interview Ever! DANE WIGINGTON 13 January 2014

Dan Wiginton speaks about the Impact done by Geo Engineering ( Chemtrails ) around the world including Australia and Tasmania.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chemtrails-Australia-International/135185583181151?ref=stream

Web Site – http://www.chemtrailaustraliainternational.com/

Blizzards in April…2/3 of Nation! + HAARP GEO Engineering Explained | TheRealEvvonne

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UK March against Geo-Engineering Chemtrails: the People had enough!

May 1st 2016 3rd hour of Love, Guns & Freedom Radio show: Luca Zanna interviews great activists from the UK and the US that are organizing in making accountable Politicians with legal actions for their negligence and accomplice in the greatest crime against humanity: Chemtrails aka Weather Modification Geo-Engineering

Wake n Bake. Freestyle. 40 Miles Out of Homestake. Geo Engineering with Dr. Lenny Thyme and Guests