Chemtrails Nederland Time-Lapse – 10 april 2018 –

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Stop chemtrails nu en weermanipulatie nu

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Geoengineering I – Assessing the Implications of Large-Scale Climate Intervention

Geoengineering Exposed

Climate Viewer News

US House of Representatives, Subcommittee on Energy and Environment
Thursday, November 05, 2009

Hearing Charter

Opening Statements

Ranking Member Hall – “Geoengineering: Assessing the Implications of Large-Scale Climate Intervention”

Witness Testimony

Dr. Ken Caldeira

Mr. John Shepherd

Mr. Lee Lane

Dr. James Fleming

Dr. Alan Robock


US & UK Joint Geoenginnering Statement:

UK Regulation of Geoengineering:

All three Geoengineering meetings (300+ pages)

fox news – Once started solar geoengineering is too dangerous to stop

fox news – Once started solar geoengineering is too dangerous to stop
Artificially cooling Earth to counter global warming could destroy our planet if the process is abruptly stopped, according to new research.Some scientists have suggested firing aerosols into the atmosphere to help combat global warming by imitating a natural side-effect of volcanic eruptions.The aerosols, one of many ‘geoengineering’ techniques proposed as a way to deal with climate change, would cool Earth by blocking incoming solar radiation.Now a study has found that if the aerosol approach is attempted and then suddenly halted, the planet could warm ten times faster than normal.Experts have previously warned the technique is a ‘risky strategy’ that could wreak havoc on our weather patterns, triggering severe droughts or devastating cyclones.The research centres on the impact solar geoengineering methods that inject aerosols into the atmosphere may have on the environment. The controversial approach, known as stratospheric aerosol injection, is designed to reflect some sunlight before it reaches Earth’s surface. The process would mimic the natural aftermath of volcanic eruptions, when sulphuric acid and other gases are naturally injected into the atmosphere. Experts suggest that planes or hot air balloons would spray millions of tons of sulphur dioxide a year into the upper atmosphere at the Equator over the course of decades. While some scientists claim this could cool down Earth, others suggest it could wreak havoc with our weather patterns.A new study from Rutgers University in New Jersey found that suddenly halting so-called ‘solar geoengineering’ would have severe imacts on our climate.The stoppage would drastically accelerate climate change, with severe consequences for the planet’s wildlife, researchers found.’Rapid warming after stopping geoengineering would be a huge threat to the natural environment and biodiversity,’ study coauthor Professor Alan Robock said.’If geoengineering ever stopped abruptly, it would be devastating, so you would have to be sure that it could be stopped gradually, and it is easy to think of scenarios that would prevent that.’Imagine large droughts or floods around the world that could be blamed on geoengineering, and demands that it stop. Can we ever risk that?’Geoengineering means attempting to control the climate in addition to stopping the burning of fossil fuels, the main cause of global warming.A popular idea among scientists is to create a sulphuric acid cloud in the upper atmosphere as volcanic eruptions do to reflect solar radiation and cool the planet.To investigate the potential environmental impacts of suddenly halting this process, scientists used a computer simulation of Earth.They assumed that aeroplanes would spray 5 million tons of sulphur dioxide a year into the upper atmosphere at the Equator from 2020 to 2070.An even cloud of the gas around Earth would lower the global temperature by around 1 degree Celsius (about 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit) – about the level of global warming since the Indust

Monsoon & Solar Activity | China’s Geoengineering

Daily Sun, Earth and Space Science

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Actual Scientist Debunks Geoengineering Conspiracies

–David Keith, Professor of Engineering and Public Policy at Harvard University, joins David to discuss solar geoengineering and how emerging technology could manipulate the environment, partially offsetting the effects of climate change

–On the Bonus Show: The New England Patriots win Super Bowl LI after a historic comeback, commercials from the big game, David’s hostile run-in and much more…

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Toxic Wyoming Skies From Solar Geoengineering Programs! Do Not Eat The Snow Children

2/11/18 Heavy Chemical Spraying over Wyoming as Geoengineer’s prep the next toxic man made snow event arriving later this evening #WEDONOTCONSENT

Winter Weather 2018 What The Top Geoengineering Sites Refuse To Expose Or Talk About.

When are the so called leaders and top Geoengineering Sites going to start exposing these commercial airlines and how they are participating in these spraying programs?? Its very easy to see how they are keeping us under a blanket of chemicals,aerosols and cold temperatures while heating up the rest of the earth.

Israel Is Engaged In Chemical Warfare Over America ‘Geoengineering’

1/28/18 El Al Israel doing what they do best. Do you think David Keith earns extra frequent sprayer miles with all these commercial airline companies who are dumping mass chemicals on all of us daily?? #WEDONOTCONSENT.

M7.9 Earthquake, Geoengineering, Ultra-Energy Rays | S0 News Jan.23.2018

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Chemtrails in the Air Earth in Danger? ケムトレイル

Chemtrails over my house its Pollution or Wath?
The Sky is in Danger?

Aluminum toxicity has always been A Problem With crops in some areas. This is primarily due not to the amount of aluminum in the soil (again, there is normally a lot), but rather the soil pH; When the pH is very low (acidic), aluminum Becomes more soluble as Al + + + ions, and That’s When Al toxicity can be an issue for some plants. Some parts of the world have very acidic soil on otherwise good agricultural land, Malthus the push for aluminum-resistant varieties. Ironically, this film claims That the “spray” is Increasing soil pH (making it more alkaline), que if true would make Al toxicity LESS of a problem.

This leaves the geoengineering Proposals. Scientists are indeed discussing and studying the Possibility of solar radiation management (SRM) programs for the future. However, nowhere is there any evidence That There currently is an Ongoing SRM program. In fact, the very same scientists who are misrepresented in this film are on record saying That We Should NOT Such a program start now.

Rather than just writing an article Which describe the claims made in this film, why not do just a little bit of background research into Whether Those claims are accurate?
The so-called climate scientists engineers are painted as Who Have crossed over to the dark side. They know the These chemicals can cause harm but must be willing to go ahead With These spraying flights, even if it means harming Their Own families.

LOT Spraying Toxic Chemicals For Geoengineering Programs

1/13/18 LOT 21 dumping another dirty toxic mix of chemicals over Wyoming #WEDONOTCONSENT

KLM Dumping Chemicals For David Keith And Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program

The beginning of another day of toxic spraying as Geoengineer’s hammered Wyoming skies 1/7.18 #WEDONOTCONSENT

Wild Horses And Geoengineering Over Wyoming

Jan 6 2018 When I was young there use to be hundreds of these beautiful souls in a herd with dark blue skies,puffy beautiful clouds and a yellow sun #WEDONOTCONSENT

“CHemtrails” Conspiracy Theory Air ケムトレイル

“CHemtrails” Conspiracy Theory Air ケムトレイル

Question: “The trails seen behind airplanes are actually not contrails, but are in fact” chemtrails, “a part of a conspiracy by the government to poison its own population. Is this really happening?”

You can blame the X Files, you can blame Orson Welles, or you can blame the JFK theorists: conspiracy theories, even the ones That are patently ridiculous, have a stranglehold on popular culture.

Add the chemtrail conspiracy to this list.

This holds conspiracy That the contrails thrown off by commercial jets That Contain chemicals serve to dumb down the population, or at the very Least controlling it. The theorists noticed contrails That some do not behave the way They are supposed to, forming strange shapes diffuse Peak Gust.

Randall Martin, an atmospheric scientist at Dalhousie University, offers two Reasons That suggest this conspiracy is nothing more than hot air.

First, I That points out adding a payload of chemicals to a jetliner costs money, of “which Would certainly undermine profitability.”

Most Importantly, Martin stresses That scientists like him are very interested in what’s in the atmosphere. “I’m involved in. a large number of experiments,” I said. “We measure the suite of pollutants in the atmosphere down to the trillionth of a millimeter. If an aircraft were intentionally polluting, we would notice it.”

 Or are they somehow excluded and protected from the aluminum That rains down with coats and hats that offer some sort of super power protection? It was Mentioned in the film That They are forming salts, implementation, and funding strategies. I’m still not sure who “they” are.

Chemicals Being Dispersed From The Wings Of Two Engine Airliners ‘Geoengineering’

The disinformation sites,trolls and shills want you to believe this is water vapor magically flowing from the wings. This full wing chemical spraying by Alaska Airlines,Norwegian and Ethiopian Airlines summer 2017 #WEDONOTCONSENT