The Q-Anon Psyop – a road to the endtimes?

Are we witnessing the salvation of the world by some good patriots of the US-intelligence and the deep state? Even the thought makes one wonder. At closer observation, the Q-anon phenomena appears to be part of a highly sophisticated psy-op with the goal to strengthen Donald Trump. The narrative that is spread by followers is based on an infantile black and white worldview.
We heard it all before, in Hollywood, New Age-myths, all the way back to the promises of salvation by the script religions.
Irritating enough, that with Jared Kushner, son in law and closest advisor of the President, there seem to be close connections of the Trump administration to messianic doomsday sects. Is Trump the chosen man to ignite the armageddon? And how comes a red calf into play, that was born at the end of august, as the temple institute of Jerusalem proudly announced?

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