Science Claims Geo engineering wont work

Hers the facts as I see them.

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These Massive Geoengineering Projects Won’t Stop Global Warming

Ideas for worldwide engineering projects that aim to stop global warming have been around for years, but are they really worth trying?

Scientists’ Crazy Plan To Refreeze The Arctic –
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What Is Geoengineering and Why Is It Considered a Climate Change Solution?
“Today, with climate change accelerating and little being done to curb the greenhouse gas emissions, some scientists have resurrected the idea of “deliberate large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment,” as the U.K.’s Royal Society puts it. After all, it’s an idea nearly as old as the understanding of the physical principles behind global warming itself.”

Could Space Mirrors Stop Global Warming?
“Lowell Wood of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory proposed a giant space mirror in the early 2000s, though he cautioned that the mirror should be considered only as a measure of last resort. Why? Because the mirror would have to have an area of 600,000 square miles – a slightly smaller area than Greenland – and launching something that big would be prohibitively expensive.”

A Massive Renewable Energy Push Is Needed to Avoid Catastrophic Climate Change
“A new report suggests that the goal of the Paris Climate Agreement to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius (or less) above pre-industrial temperatures is well within reach – but only if half of the world’s energy supply is sourced from renewables by 2060.”


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Written by: Julian Huguet

Actual Scientist Debunks Geoengineering Conspiracies

–David Keith, Professor of Engineering and Public Policy at Harvard University, joins David to discuss solar geoengineering and how emerging technology could manipulate the environment, partially offsetting the effects of climate change

–On the Bonus Show: The New England Patriots win Super Bowl LI after a historic comeback, commercials from the big game, David’s hostile run-in and much more…

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千早氏の 日本語字幕 提供
題名 「 ZERO:9/11の虚構」 より


Winter Weather 2018 What The Top Geoengineering Sites Refuse To Expose Or Talk About.

When are the so called leaders and top Geoengineering Sites going to start exposing these commercial airlines and how they are participating in these spraying programs?? Its very easy to see how they are keeping us under a blanket of chemicals,aerosols and cold temperatures while heating up the rest of the earth.



元GoogleエンジニアがAIを神とする宗教を創設! 人工知能教団“Way of the Future”


【都市伝説】最新 宇宙人は人工知能と融合している…つまり麦わらのルフィーは…





【都市伝説】最新 火星移住計画は大規模天体的危機の延長か…それとも…

【都市伝説】最新 2018年AIが選別する人間のランク付けについて

Geoengineering might do more harm than good

Climate models have shown solar geoengineering might actually make the effects of climate change worse.

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Geo-Engineering presented to UN Climate Change Conference

Rosalind Peterson of the Agricultural Defense Coalition presents the global geoengineering phenomenon taking place in the USA as well as globally to a climate change conference organised by the United Nations in 2007. Whilst it is not a new video, it has slipped under the radar and demonstrates that this issue of cloud-seeding/geoengineering (sometimes referred to as chemtrails and contrails) is not new and has been taking place for some time, with potentially very harmful ramifications not only to the environment, but also to agriculture and the health of human beings as well as animals.

TED- Mammoths resurrected, geoengineering and other thoughts from a futurist

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Stewart Brand is a futurist, counterculturist and visionary with a very wide-ranging mind. In conversation with TED Curator Chris Anderson, Brand discusses … just about everything: human nature, bringing back the wooly mammoth, geoengineering, rewilding and science as organized skepticism — plus the story of an acid trip on a San Francisco rooftop in the ’60s that sparked a perspective-shifting idea. “The story we’re told is that we’re the next meteor,” Brand says, but “things are capable of getting better.”
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Geoengineering: Solar Radiation Management, How to Fix Climate Change Part 2 | Eternally Curious #10

Some scientists believe we have the power and the technology today to change the Earth’s climate as we see fit. Geoengineering. Is it a good idea? Is it a terrible idea? What happens if we do it? And what if we don’t? Do you enjoy these videos and would like to see more? Become my patron!

Interview with prof. David Keith from Harvard, physicist and leading researcher in Solar Geoengineering.

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– Betting on negative emissions
– Global temperature stabilization via controlled albedo enhancement of low-level maritime clouds
– Aerosols and Clouds

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What Is Geoengineering? 1 Minute! Full Explanation!

The Full Explanation Of What GeoEngineering Is All About!

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Aerosols Over Aotearoa, Scientific Proof of Geoengineering

Original link:

I thought this was something so important that I had to share!
It’s very rare for a qualified professional to give a presentation about geoengineering in New Zealand! PLEASE SHARE!

Experiment Earth – Responsible innovation and geoengineering

Animation based on the book Experiment Earth, by Jack Stilgoe

For more information visit

Video directed by Wes West

Narration by Katie Beard

The video was funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

An Eye Opening Presentation on Geo-Engineering, AKA “chemtrails”

Turns out that “chemtrails”, or aerosol injection (CIA), or solar radiation management (NASA) is no longer a conspiracy *theory*. It’s now officially known as geoengineering and savior of our planet.

Matt Landman has been able to compress a lot of information on this topic into his presentation from the 2nd Global Chemtrail Summit held in Portland, Oregon, May this year.

If unfamiliar, learn what it is and see how school children and the public are indoctrinated with things like “new cloud types”, and how governments, CIA, NASA and billionaires deceive the public into believing spraying the atmosphere with toxic particles is “necessary” – in the name of environment (and taxes).

Get informed and take action now if you want to keep the sun and the blue skies. Visit and support Matt Landman’s work at his web page:

Visit his YouTube channel:

Reproduced with kind permission given by Matt Landman. Reediting and additional audio/video enhancements by Angel North. Not affiliated. Video is not monetized. All thanks goes to Matt Landman for his drive, energy, work and risks in trying to reach the masses.

CNN (caught) payrolling military psy-op personnel:

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What is geoengineering anyways?

I’ve heard that those white streaks we see crisscrossing the sky are part of a secret government experiment to control the population… Is that true?

Find out in this all new episode of Global Weirding.

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