This video is dedicated to the wonderful doctor who allowed me to video him last month when he spoke about “chemtrail lung’. This is what one of THE TOP General Surgeons in the country who has worked on medical missions all over the world has to say …words of wisdom.

Chemtrails Don’t Exist – Solar Radiation Management, Geoengineering and Chemtrails

Chemtrails Don’t Exist

Solar Radiation Management, Geoengineering and Chemtrails

The Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns that, despite global side effects and long-term consequences, geoengineering techniques involving solar radiation management (SRM) should be maintained:

“If SRM were terminated for any reason, there is high confidence that global surface temperatures would rise very rapidly to values consistent with the greenhouse gas forcing.” [emphasis in original]

“Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis,” (referred to as “AR5”) supercedes the former report published in 2007. [1] The IPCC’s first Assessment Report was published in 1990.

The discussion in the Summary for Policymakers and in the body of AR5 commends solar radiation management over carbon dioxide removal methods, which are limited in their efficacy on a global scale, yet admits that neither are ideal, and that both geoengineering techniques will have long-term consequences.

“While the entire community of academia still pretends not to know about the ongoing reality of global geoengineering,” comments Dane Wigington at Geoengineering Watch, “the simple fact that they are now discussing geoengineering in the latest IPCC report indicates that the veil is beginning to lift.” [2]

Read The Rest Of The Article Here: http://www.globalresearch.ca/solar-radiation-management-geoengineering-and-chemtrails/5356632

Geoengineering explained by G. Edward Griffin

Extraordinary interview with G. Edward Griffin at the premiere of his documentary “What in the World are They Spraying”. The distinguished Mr. Griffin, author of the conspiracy blockbuster “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, which exposed the sinister creation of the Federal Reserve, now has upgraded his talents to include documentary film production. He expounds on the evidence of chemtrails and reasons why we’re being sprayed and what we can do about it. This proves the existence of chemtrails for the non-believer, and it explains for the conspiracy experts out there how the elite expect to get away with this.

Geoengineering UK ===BBC===✈

Crazy radical extreme fringe scientists with a penchant for global terrorism, have invented three geoengineering ideas to save the world from a climate catastrophe!

BBC Science Editor Suzanne Watts explains how the sun goes through sun spot cycles every eleven years and when at peak activity actually warm the planet.
Dr Lucie Green, Solar Scientist and NLP practcioner, goes on to tell us that the sun spot activity will ‘probably’ reduce even further.
Suzanne Watts uses her NLP to remind us of the 17th century ‘frost fares’ when people took to ice skating on the frozen river Thames to keep warm. She assures us that scientists are sure that this would be the worst we can expect and that is unlikely that we are facing a global ice age…..(phew!)
Scientists say we don’t have time to persuade people to use energy more efficiently or reduce emissions, so they have taken it upon themselves to create the new wacky science fiction-like science called ‘geoengineering’.

Wacky woo woo scientist’s top of the geoengineering pops….

At 3, we have way out, magic space mirrors.
At 2, its wacky wee chucked in the sea, like Bin Laden.
And wacky weird geoengineering project number 1 is ‘Carbon Sucking’

Well there you go…..what a load of bull!

Aired 16Jun11 BBC.

Thanx to LiarPoliticians!!

It’s Plane Crazy===========================✈

Here is a recent ‘Daily Mail’ article that reveals scientists have received £1.6 million in tax payers money to begin geo-engineering in the UK. It involves a daft idea to launch a balloon 14 miles into the sky where it will pump thousands of tonnes of chemical particles into the atmosphere.
Note…”The balloon and hose method was developed after the team considered other methods by which to inject particles into the air – tall chimneys, ‘PLANES’ and even via missiles”
Now do these great minds not think the idea to use aeroplanes was better than using a hot air balloon the size of Wembley stadium to spray these particles? Planes are flying around every day, all over the planet. Surly all they would need to do is use J P Holdren’s US patented system that allows aircraft engines to disperse chemical compounds that are mixed in with jet fuel. Why the all need for this big pantomime?

UK Guardian story….


The only way to fight the system is to speak the truth against the toxins no matter what the cost, but in this process, we forget what the REAL poison is, and that is HATE. Just do one act of LOVE for ONE person that might need it more than anything, and slowly we can help dissipate another toxic substance in this society. I hope this inspires U to do just one thing today for one other person. Lets Spread Love as much as they spread chem trails.

Arizona Speaks Out Against Geo Engineering Chemtrails

THIS is what we should be focusing on and taking action on- NOT tearing each other down on youtube in the name of Christ. There are serious issues that need our voice and this is one of them. This is why I brought attention to chemtrails via a doctor but instead of focusing on that the youtube conspiracy community went crazy focusing on everything BUT the important message of OUTING chemtrails. This clip was aired by Galactic service and unfortunately was back in 2014. I am hoping by sharing we will gain a momentum of community outreach to all our senators and have a town meeting in every place we live. ALso- have you ever thought about getting a blood test to see the amount of barium in your blood? Let’s use this as an example of how we are NOT powerless and we can come together to let them know that #wedonotconsent
To see FULL meeting here is the link. Sad how many more people should have been there but we can’t let the ones that DID speak up go to waste. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeqdFJphGT0

Evidence of Geo-engineering AKA Chemtrails Time-lapse

So far… This is 2 hours and a half time lapsed by 5000%. Filmed on November 23 2013 in the northwest of England. These large burst seem to be happening more frequently now, and it’s not everyday, and you can even see normal planes not leaving massive trails that stay in the sky for literally hours. THIS HAS TO STOP!

For those skeptical or simply in denial about chemtrails, or those who associate anything fringe with the word theory I suggest you research population reduction agendas, spoken by the horses mouths themselves, as well as the fact that the phrase conspiracy theory was first invented and pushed by the CIA in order to get people to dismiss claims that JFK was not shot by Oswell, but it was the result of his last speech talking about secret societies, but this video is not about JFK, I just want to make that clear. We only live once, and this is a very serious issue, as well as all of the conspiracy REALITIES, so the time is now to take life seriously.

There is no sound as you might have noticed, there is nothing wrong with your speakers. Apparently even despite visual irrefutable evidence such as this and when aerial spraying to deal with “climate change” has been admitted, when it could be a cause itself, some people are still denying that this is going on, so it’s better to have only the eyes stimulated.
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Links for more information:
Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnwEwqWwlzg





Geoengineering/Chemtrails – Michael J. Murphy – Coast to Coast AM – 17.05.11

Journalist, filmmaker and political activist Michael J. Murphy talked about new evidence for chemtrail spraying and geo-engineering. The very weird weather patterns we’ve recently been experiencing could be related to climate control, geo-engineering, and chemtrail spraying, he suggested. Weather modification is nothing new, and was used for military purposes by the US as far back as in Viet Nam, he noted. Project HAARP has the ability to heat up over 200 square miles of the sky with metal particulates, creating high & low pressure systems, and actually steering storms, he stated.

According to meteorologist Scott Stevens, heavy spraying is taking place about 1,000 miles ahead of storms, Murphy reported. Testing of rain has revealed high levels of aluminum oxide that has vastly increased over the last seven years, he continued, adding that such toxic aluminum exposure could be connected to the rise in Alzheimer’s. Further, blood testing of some Arizona residents revealed toxic levels of barium and aluminum (said to be components of chemtrails). For more, visit The Coalition Against Geo-Engineering.

What in the World AreThey Spraying (HD):

What in the world are they spraying NL ondertiteling

Hawaii Revisited:

Geoengineering watch:

Coalition Against Geoengineering:

Aerosol Crimes:

Above Interview on Coast to Coast AM site:


Stop Chemtrails Nu!

Dit is een Burgerinitiatief om 40.000 handtekeningen te verzamelen om het sproeien van Chemtrails op de agenda van de samenleving en de Tweede Kamer te zetten.

Onderteken de petitie:

TOKIO山口達也の激ヤバ陰謀論を記者が暴露! 安倍政権が仕掛けた“本命”は別の著名人Xだった!?【free sky】

TOKIO山口達也の激ヤバ陰謀論を記者が暴露! 森友・加計問題で支持率低下のため安倍政権が仕掛けた“本命”とは誰なのか!?



TOKIO城島茂 山口達也を突き放した”本当の理由”に涙が止まらない…

ワイドなショー【TOKIO山口達也メンバー謝罪会見】 前園さんはコメント呼ばれず 松本人志は?

キスにも言及 山口メンバー ”報道発表 当日の朝” 番組収録の様子


「僕は芸能界から足を洗う。」 ト キ オ 城島茂、芸能界引退宣言 熱いリーダー論に涙が止まらない・・・


Scientists Claim Contrails are “Accidental Geoengineering”


The History of Artificial Clouds: How to Geoengineer a Planet with Jet Fuel

Accidental Geoengineering? Airline traffic may help create an icy haze that’s brightening U.S. skies. December 15, 2015

Airplane Contrails May Be Creating Accidental Geoengineering

Jet traffic linked to ice haze

Ken Caldeira and Mick West argue over what geoengineering would look like: 

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Nikon P900 UK Sun, Moon & Venus – Great Wide Angle + Zoom! Geoengineering – Chemtrails? Contrails?

Lots of geoengineering in South East UK obscuring an otherwise beautiful sunset, crescent Moon and Venus.

Why geo-engineer the skies at night? Protecting us from Moonshine? Or covering it up?

Happy Chemtrails To You! Artificial Sun! Wormwood! Morning Coffee And News!

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Real chemtrails (chemical trail) plane view – Scie chimiche vere viste dall’interno aereo

Real chemtrails (chemical trail) plane view –