“CHemtrails” Conspiracy Theory Air ケムトレイル

“CHemtrails” Conspiracy Theory Air ケムトレイル

Question: “The trails seen behind airplanes are actually not contrails, but are in fact” chemtrails, “a part of a conspiracy by the government to poison its own population. Is this really happening?”

You can blame the X Files, you can blame Orson Welles, or you can blame the JFK theorists: conspiracy theories, even the ones That are patently ridiculous, have a stranglehold on popular culture.

Add the chemtrail conspiracy to this list.

This holds conspiracy That the contrails thrown off by commercial jets That Contain chemicals serve to dumb down the population, or at the very Least controlling it. The theorists noticed contrails That some do not behave the way They are supposed to, forming strange shapes diffuse Peak Gust.

Randall Martin, an atmospheric scientist at Dalhousie University, offers two Reasons That suggest this conspiracy is nothing more than hot air.

First, I That points out adding a payload of chemicals to a jetliner costs money, of “which Would certainly undermine profitability.”

Most Importantly, Martin stresses That scientists like him are very interested in what’s in the atmosphere. “I’m involved in. a large number of experiments,” I said. “We measure the suite of pollutants in the atmosphere down to the trillionth of a millimeter. If an aircraft were intentionally polluting, we would notice it.”

 Or are they somehow excluded and protected from the aluminum That rains down with coats and hats that offer some sort of super power protection? It was Mentioned in the film That They are forming salts, implementation, and funding strategies. I’m still not sure who “they” are.