Chemtrails Mix With Sky ケムトレイル

Chemtrail mixing sky ケムトレイル

Chemtrails mixing with clouds
Now I have this video where you see a seemingly Chemtrails trying to mingle with the clouds will not know for sure how it is possible to allow this type of environmental pollution without any statement.

So where is the extent of damage to the air we breathe every second, it seems incredible tolerance on the part of governments to this no information on the subject and as far as we can cause harm to humans, animals and plants and also to microscopic environment.
Another anecdote That this chemtrail film leans Toward the conspiracy theory side is When They invite activist Jeremy Rothe-Kuschel to go to Washington, DC, to try to persuade Elected Officials in the U.S. House and Senate to investigate this fleece That has been cast over the American people. Representative after representative shut them down.

Ambushing politicians with pamphlets and a video camera does not seem to be the best method for getting one’s case heard. Senator Dianne Feinstein of California humours this crew a bit by taking Their information. I’ve yet to see her office actually follow up on the issue of chemtrails by displaying information on their website, holding a public meeting, or introducing a bill for a hearing to the Committee on Science and Technology.

Over and over there are references That scream sensationalism tactics. Presenting one side of the story as this film does, makes it a bit Difficult to really ascertain what the Perceived harm is and if chemtrails are really a ploy by Governments the globe over to Decrease the human race.

 If it is true, than we Should start tracking the whereabouts of aluminum and barium in relation to scheduled flight plans and our Elected Officials Requesting That Work with our national scientific organizaciones to find the answers, while looking for real solutions to climate Change that works for the Populations and the planet.