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Crazy radical extreme fringe scientists with a penchant for global terrorism, have invented three geoengineering ideas to save the world from a climate catastrophe!

BBC Science Editor Suzanne Watts explains how the sun goes through sun spot cycles every eleven years and when at peak activity actually warm the planet.
Dr Lucie Green, Solar Scientist and NLP practcioner, goes on to tell us that the sun spot activity will ‘probably’ reduce even further.
Suzanne Watts uses her NLP to remind us of the 17th century ‘frost fares’ when people took to ice skating on the frozen river Thames to keep warm. She assures us that scientists are sure that this would be the worst we can expect and that is unlikely that we are facing a global ice age…..(phew!)
Scientists say we don’t have time to persuade people to use energy more efficiently or reduce emissions, so they have taken it upon themselves to create the new wacky science fiction-like science called ‘geoengineering’.

Wacky woo woo scientist’s top of the geoengineering pops….

At 3, we have way out, magic space mirrors.
At 2, its wacky wee chucked in the sea, like Bin Laden.
And wacky weird geoengineering project number 1 is ‘Carbon Sucking’

Well there you go…..what a load of bull!

Aired 16Jun11 BBC.

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It’s Plane Crazy===========================✈

Here is a recent ‘Daily Mail’ article that reveals scientists have received £1.6 million in tax payers money to begin geo-engineering in the UK. It involves a daft idea to launch a balloon 14 miles into the sky where it will pump thousands of tonnes of chemical particles into the atmosphere.
Note…”The balloon and hose method was developed after the team considered other methods by which to inject particles into the air – tall chimneys, ‘PLANES’ and even via missiles”
Now do these great minds not think the idea to use aeroplanes was better than using a hot air balloon the size of Wembley stadium to spray these particles? Planes are flying around every day, all over the planet. Surly all they would need to do is use J P Holdren’s US patented system that allows aircraft engines to disperse chemical compounds that are mixed in with jet fuel. Why the all need for this big pantomime?

UK Guardian story….

Geoengineering: Joaquin – Carolina Flooding

I listened to a spectacular amount of nonsense this week. Nonsense about where ‘Joaquin’ was headed, nonsense about how Carolina’s torrential rain was (somehow) coming Joaquin which was spinning in the opposite direction, nonsense about Joaquin driving winds and rain in from the Atlantic, etc. None of it was remotely close to true or even remotely plausible, which (as you can see) any “meteorologist” would have, could have, and should have seen – if any of them bothered to look.

Instead (and as usual) we get the same imaginary BS about ‘dueling high and low systems’ in unison from every single meteorologist. Apparently, not one single meteorologist in the country can see – with their own eyes – that that the moisture from these systems was spewing in two different directions. Not one – single – meteorologist.

Meanwhile, the minute the artificial systems ran themselves out (two days earlier than forecasted), the temperature went right back up. The minute the temperature went right back up, the planes were right back in the air striping out artificial clouds in more desperate effort to keep anyone from noticing that in October (sans the manufactured cold fronts) the heatwave continues.

Good luck to any of these “meteorologists” looking at themselves in the mirror. This fraud gets more shameful and embarrassing every single day.

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No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101


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Geoengineering: Orgone Intro 1

No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering

I haven’t yet gotten into the reality of Orgone or its use in geoengineering for a variety of reasons. For one thing, I decided some time ago to first establish this work on concrete and simple realities (like steam) before getting into realities of life force. It’s obviously a much more complicated topic to understand, and the wide ranging effects and implications are equally complicated.

However, certain areas of the country (continent, and planet) are more suitable for some methods vs. others. Some team members are located in heavy chemtrailing lanes, and some are in areas where Orgone manipulation is evident. One particular member sends me such ridiculous evidence of it, that I had to build a video around this particular example… and I suspect I’ll be doing more in the near future. You’ll also find enough foundational information in this example to begin your own investigation into the topic if you chose.

Besides, let’s face it. I’ve fairly well established the existence of steam (Water Vapor) at this point.

Not that I’m changing the focus or the plan however. The eBook, the website, and publicity are the current priority. Many more people need to understand this reality, before I start delving into an entirely new dimension of it. Anyone interested in assisting or with thoughts on increasing exposure / publicity is encouraged to share them.

No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering

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No Natural Weather: eBook Obstruction and Disinformation

Introduction to Geoengineering 101

The Big Picture 2.0

Psyop Disinformation, Obstruction, and Terrorism

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Katrina Geoengineering: Ten Years Later

It’s hard to believe ten years has passed since Katrina. At the time (just as a prime example of the misdirection we are subject to) I was as wrapped up in the lack of response by Federal Agencies and the seemingly deliberate abandonment of so many people – just like everyone else. At the time I didn’t have any idea that that too was another symptom or effect of the fact that the storm itself was manufactured… as are all such storms in 2015.

If this is your first encounter with my work, then surely that sounds outlandish and crazy. If you are regular viewer however, you know I’ve proven it a hundred times at least. There is “No Natural Weather” on this planet, and there hasn’t been for a very long time. Those who want to see my proof and want to understand 100 years of geoengineering development, need simple read my eBook and / or spend some time with my nearly 200 videos on the subject to see just how real my conclusions are. As I say continuously: Any meteorologist with a name, face, and reputation to stake on their argument, is invited and welcomed to challenge any bit of my work. Although the meteorological and climate communities are surely acutely aware of this work, to date there hasn’t been a single person of repute willing to take that challenge.

Ten years and 150+ billion dollars later, barely a handful of people understand even the simplest of realities illustrated in this video. This summer New York is setting a record every single day. 50+ days in a row and counting over 80 degrees, is an all-time record. July was the hottest July in recorded history. August was the hottest August in recorded history. 2014 was the hottest year in recorded history, surely to be topped by 2015. This week (the beginning of September) New York is going into its next official heatwave as a stint of at least 4 days above 90 degrees approaches. Every single day in the streets in this country and worldwide the topic is the extraordinary heat (and / or the inexplicable Flash Floods in-between), yet to my continuing bewilderment I heard an NBC meteorologist respond when questioned that “maybe this has something to do with Global Warming” (aka Global Burning).

Well… of course it does. Most of the country (never mind the rest of the world) has had 90+ degree days all Summer long which have only been broken up by the occasionally successful effort at firing massive amounts of Water Vapor into the air, and getting it to come back down by the dumpster load in Flash-Floods. When is the last time you heard of rain that didn’t result in Flash Floods? It’s a weekly occurrence, and (in context) further illustrates the desperate effort to cool the planet and manage the excessive temperatures. Who benefits from pretending this isn’t happening? Certainly that is probably a fairly long list – but no one whose intention is to live on the planet is benefitting – in any conceivable fashion.

So, once again, I see the need to point out that this work – is the only way to cut through the myriad misdisrections and delusions, and to get straight to the easy to understand and undeniable realities. There’s very little “mystery” to “Climate Change” (Climate Collapse) and Global Warming (aka Global Burning) for me anymore. That becomes true for anyone who reads my book and studies my videos as well. If you want to actually understand why it is 100 degree everywhere, if you want to understand why the only rains now are Flash Flood rains and Pop-Up Showers, If you want to understand why the same Storm System Rotations appears in exactly the same areas time, after time, after time, this is work is the only place you can attain that understanding.

Somehow – this work remains unknown to the millions (billions) of people who desperately need the information to understand the world we all live in. I urge everyone who reads this share this (and all of my videos) on and in response to any applicable website, article, or blog, help spread this irrefutable work on all social media platforms, and please make a small contribution to singularly unique and entirely non-“sponsored” work. When enough people see and propagate just how easy to understand the truth really is, it just has to catch on.


No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101

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Geoengineering: Nexrad Sequential Heterodyne Wave Generation

Attention: The WeatherWar101 eBook “No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101” is available… Get it now!

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Although I intend to explain the mechanics in considerably more detail at a later time, to put it simply, in order to create violent storm systems, tornados, etc., you must have winds at different altitudes moving in different directions and at different speeds. As is patently evident, the geoengineers have developed nano materials that will remain at certain altitudes – allowing for the formation of and frequency manipulation of clouds moving in off-angle and opposing directions for precisely this purpose.

Nexrad Sequential Heterodyne Wave Generation is the evident primary method of creating low altitude cross-angle rolling wave clouds running under the prevailing manufactured ‘jet stream.’ These rolling cloud systems intersect with the fast-moving winds (generally moving North-East intersecting Rolling Wave Clouds running South-East), which creates consistent lines of rotations along the length of the rolling wave – as it descends South-East – and is the means by which the 130+ tornados where generated during this most recent 3 day tornado swarm and flooding event.

I’m not sure I need to say anything else on this post. I would think those two paragraphs (in addition to the video) should be enough to digest, all by themselves….


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Geoengineered Winter 2013 – 2014

Psyop Disinformation, Obstruction, and Terrorism





Geoengineering: Winter in April

“Cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, performs an action that is contradictory to one or more beliefs, ideas or values, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.”

Another week of inexplicable deluge, floods, tornados, and snow storms has barreled across the country. Another week of the impossible, right in front of everyone. No one sees the massive bursts of Water Vapor from “nowhere,” no one sees the awkward and incessant forced rotation of storm systems, no one sees the incessant and intricately timed colliding Gravity Waves (Heterodyne Waves) conveniently fueled by the incessant burst of Water Vapor, and no one sees how impossible (in the Natural World) every bit of it is. At least (quite evidently) no one Media or Meteorology sees it.

Yet these continuous Natural Impossibilities – are the ONLY things that “weather” consists of in this country, and on this planet. It’s not up for debate. It is visibly evident for anyone who bothers to look, and I can prove it – with every single storm system. It took me well over a decade to reach the understanding I have of this complex and century-old reality (in the face of endless obstruction, misdirection, intimidation, ridicule, etc.), but no one who studies this work has to go through any of that. All of the facts – are right in front of you. All one has to do, is open their eyes, and let go of the programming we have all been barraged with.

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No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101


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Geoengineering: California Drought 101

No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101

As has become something of a pattern lately, I hadn’t planned on spending the weekend working on this video. However, a considerable amount of incorrect information is being propagated and accepted about the reasons for the California drought conditions, and it does none of us any good who are actually concerned about this crisis to allow that to continue. If this topic is going to get any public attention or if any ‘activist’ action is going to be taken, it has to be based on accurate information if it is to be of any benefit at all.

California (in the order of ‘weather’ moving West to East across the country), is the first state in the cycle. In a world of manufactured weather, that puts California in a unique and difficult position. California is the first state to contribute to every manufactured weather system, and if you look closely at the Western border of California during the July GOES West and CONSUS satellite series included in this video, you will see massive WV Gen burst up from that line consistently. That is predominately generated from the geothermal plants lining the border that are also illustrated in this video.

However, if you look closely, you will also notice that there is virtually no WV Gen at all produced from California East of its border. Although California has considerably less WV Gen capacity than other states (which I will get to in a moment), it is not devoid of them… which the lack of generation would seem to indicate.

This is the result of two factors, the first of which is rather ironic. The fact that California has only 3 coal power plants (the most convenient and abundant fuel source for WV Gen) and the fact that it has fewer and smaller WSAC installations than other states gives it less capacity to produce WV Gen. This seems to be a result of California’s focus on environmentalism. I’ve seen numerous videos of old coal power plants being decommissioned and imploded as a result of environmentalism, which clearly impacts the states geoengineering ability to generate WV.

The second problem is that California simply doesn’t have the water to fuel the WV Gen systems anyway. Even where I did find WSAC facilities, I also found completely empty tanks and reclamation ponds… meaning they are of no use anyway. As I said earlier and as I illustrate in this video, since the State of California is first in the cycle, there isn’t any WV gen coming to the state from other states, to replenish the WV it produces, as is (somewhat) the case in the mid and Eastern states. Hence, over decades of geoengineering, California and the Western states are using up much more water than they ever get back, and thus have all but depleted their ground water supply.

As disturbing as it sounds (particularly coming from me), I consider these somewhat resolvable engineering problems. Mind you, at the moment I am strictly speaking from the “how to get rain to California” perspective. Considering we don’t have a time machine large enough to stick the Earth in, returning California and the Pacific Ocean to “naturally” operating conditions isn’t a near-future option. We are quite a long way from resolving, addressing, or even acknowledging the 100 years of wrong thinking and action that brought us to this disastrous place to begin with.

However, it can’t be resolved in secrecy, it can’t be resolved under the guise of a network of misinformation, and it can’t be resolved without the people of California knowing and understanding the reality of the situation, and contributing to, and approving of the solutions. If the people of California (or Shasta County) are going overcome this dire situation, they are going to need very real and accurate information… which is something they don’t have any of at the moment.


– Edited for space. Full message continued in video post comment.

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No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101

No Natural Weather: eBook Obstruction and Disinformation

Introduction to Geoengineering 101

The Big Picture 2.0

Psyop Disinformation, Obstruction, and Terrorism

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Geoengineering: Texas Floods Detailed

Still not a single meteorologist with a name, face, and reputation (to even prove that they are ‘real’) will address the inexplicable scheduled daily bursts of Water Vapor emanating from the Mexico mountains, which deluge Texas and the South almost every day. The only ‘response’ on their behalf comes from the trolling, stalking, parasitic psyop representatives who offer nothing but insults, profanity, and misdirection.

There is little else to say about them at this point. The blatant redundancy speaks for itself. The meteorologists refuse to represent themselves, and their psychological terrorist front men can’t do anything but attack my character and credibility, as diversion away from the glaring reality.

Quite obviously, it isn’t MY credibility in question here. 200+ videos, an extensive website, and an irrefutable eBook covering 100 years of geoengineering reality illustrates my credibility on this topic. The ‘degreed’ and ‘awarded’ meteorologists remaining in total silence about what everyone can see on daily basis, illustrates THEIR credibility.

Meanwhile the farcical ‘meteorologist’ on the Today Show who spends more time doing his Bozo the Clown imitation than covering any weather event, continues regurgitating unmanageable rain and flood totals as if they are sports statistics, instead of explaining how any of it is possible. Dry air coming from the Pacific Ocean, dry air coming from the Gulf of Mexico, yet daily deluge coming from ON LAND in the Mexico mountains with literal clockwork regularity… and this ‘degreed meteorologist’ explains none of it. All the while portending ‘concern for our friends in Texas.’ Some “friend” he is, to the people of Texas and the South.

There isn’t any way for anyone remotely intelligent or serious to ‘debate’ any of this. Each day’s example, is more visibly shocking than the day before. The only issue that is impossible to understand, is why the people of Texas haven’t figured out that none of this even remotely possible, by any “natural” means. Floods every single day and billion dollars in hail damage alone, doesn’t just “happen.”

So, we all continue to wait for any government, law enforcement, emergency responders, insurance companies, educators, or perpetual victims themselves, to actually want to understand it. In the event any of them want to know… we are right here.

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No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101


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Winter Weather 2018 What The Top Geoengineering Sites Refuse To Expose Or Talk About.

When are the so called leaders and top Geoengineering Sites going to start exposing these commercial airlines and how they are participating in these spraying programs?? Its very easy to see how they are keeping us under a blanket of chemicals,aerosols and cold temperatures while heating up the rest of the earth.

Geoengineering: Polar Vortex – Ice Nucleation 101

No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101
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25 Ways to Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation

Geoengineering: Nor’easter Hercules 01-03-14

Geoengineering: Disinformation Last Line of Defense

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Geoengineering: Vortex Creation – 20,000 Dead Cows

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How Nexrad HAARP Works:

Nexrad Weather Control: Heterodyning Frequency 10-01-13

IPCC Climate Change 2013: U.N. Report Detailed

The Absence of Geoengineering

Colorado Flood 2013: Detailed Explanation of Geoengineered Event
Colorado Flooding is All Manmade

Proof: Worldwide Massive Flooding is All Manmade

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Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation

Eight Traits of the Disinformationalist

Exhaustive List of Geoengineering & Chemtrail PATENTS

Artificial Cloud generation locations (approx)

PG 1: 28°37’13.68″N 101°21’24.98″W
PG 2: 29°19’23.94″N 102°31’4.86″W
PG 3: 29°57’54.47″N 103°17’27.52″W
PG 4: 30°40’47.92″N 104°16’51.20″W
PG 5: 29°54’17.43″N 105°58’29.84″W
PG 6: 29°57’34.32″N 107°38’57.33″W
PG 7: 30°34’34.74″N 108°15’27.72″W
PG 8: 32°16’0.14″N 108°25’23.23″W
PG 9: 27°25’35.35″N 101°16’12.62″W

Video Sources:


Chemical Ice Pack_ Endothermic Quick Freeze

Bacterial Ice Nucleation Protein SD


CNN: South Dakota blizzard kills, buries cows; shutdown leaves ranchers in the cold

United States Patent 5003186 for seeding stratosphere with metal aerosol in jet fuel [pdf]………………

Named Storms & Geoengineering Our Way Towards MINI ICE AGE!

Geoengineering used to be confined to the annuls of conspiracy theory, however, over the past few years, more & more open talk of geoengineering the planet has emerged.

Aerosol spraying & other projects have been running for decades now, and we are told its all to help the planet survive the climate change that is underway (blah), but what if its having an adverse effect?

And what happens when we have been trying to cool the planet, right at a time when the sun is ready to dive us into a MINI ICE AGE!

Not All Geoengineering Is as Terrifying as You May Think

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Geoengineering: Power Plant WV Overlay

I’ve been asked several times to include an overlay of the (7,000) power plants in the United States, so people can see exactly which power plants Water Vapor Generation comes from in any particular storm system. This is my test of doing that.

Although the Power Plant Overlay makes it all the more obvious (at least from my perspective), I’m not sure if it is helpful, or crosses over into convoluted. I’ll let my viewers voice their opinions before I make any decisions on including something like this in future videos.

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No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101


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Geoengineering: Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak 05-10-16

Another week of inexplicable baseball sized hail out of nowhere and tornado swarms tearing up several towns in several states. Meanwhile meteorologists continue to offer no explanation of why or how this could possibly be happening like clockwork, other than showing made-up graphics of zig-zagging jet streams and blaming ‘warm moist’ air from the Gulf. The victimized residents of these destroyed towns are supposed to be grateful for having so much as a Hallmark card left of their lives, and be thanking God they survived “Mother Nature’s” wrath. As is always the case however, Mother Nature has exactly nothing to do with it.

My viewers know, I’ve seen it all before. In the last five years, there isn’t a denial, misdirection, evasion, or insult I haven’t been accosted with, and I’ve quite effectively countered them all, with daily undeniable reality. For those unfamiliar with this fact, all one has to do is spend time with Psyop Disinformation and Terrorism playlist, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

My viewers are also quite familiar with the fact that when anyone ‘new’ comes to challenge this work or reality, they invariably NEVER look at any of my extensive and undeniable documentation of over 50 years of active global geoengineering, or bother to check my equally extensive documentation of these scripted disinformation and denialist tactics. After so many years of dealing with them, the reason is incredibly obvious to me: it never even occurs to them (since these tactics are so largely effective in shutting up and intimidating everyone in cyberspace), that I could possibly be any different. They just roll out the same dumpster, and expect it to work on me, like it has everyone else.

However, I’m not – at all – like everybody else. That isn’t egotism or vanity talking, it is documented and repeatedly illustrated – fact. As I say frequently, and have repeatedly proven, I understand the global geoengineering system, like I understand the combustion engine. Attempting the myriad of tired tactics to deny the existence of global geoengineering (either paid or out of ignorance), is the equivalent of denying the existence of the combustion engine. All that can conceivably be accomplished in doing so, is broadcasting you own ignorance and denial, or broadcasting your own ulterior motives. Either way, as I said… I’ve seen and heard it all before.

So, for this ‘professor,’ or anyone else who wants to tell me the combustion engine doesn’t exist, I have a couple of pieces of advice. Before you start shoveling piles of ‘hot and moist’ nonsense at me, make it through at least one of my videos. As is the case with this video, you’ll usually find that whatever scripted BS you intend to use to deny 50 years of satellite documented reality, isn’t going to work – in the slightest.

(Full message continued in Post Comment)

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No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101


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Joe Rogan – Alex Jones #911: Geoengineering, Chemtrails, and HAARP

Although there were elements of truth in this podcast, it’s clear why mass confusion about Geoengineering, “Chemtrails,” and “HAARP” is still pervasive, and why the “Truth Movement” has gotten nowhere in almost twenty years. Decades of disinformation and misinformation propagation has saturated the “Truth Community,” and those who have the platform and influence – need to have their facts straight, to save their viewers from sounding like (and being dismissed as) “Tin Foil Hat Wearing Loonies.”

Obviously ‘interest’ in the subject is not the problem. Most people with common sense can ‘look up’ and see that there is nothing natural about the jumbles of streaks that pass for ‘cloud formation’ these days. Most people can recognize that tornados and floods that instantly materialize, can’t possibly be “natural.” Needless to say, it’s more than a little frustrating having the actual answers to these questions (and the questions in this podcast), and getting so little attention or inquiry from the “Truth Community.”

Obviously, those whose job it is to suppress and dismiss these simple observations, recognize how unavoidable they are. Since people are going to see these things and be rightfully concerned about it, making sure the focus and information people find on the subject is wrong and confusing, is the goal of “Controlled Opposition” or Psyops.

That’s why if you start to investigate anything about geoengineering concerns, the first thing you are going to come across, is “Stratospheric Aerosol Injections.” This already tired meme exploits a half a paragraph statement by former C.I.A. Chief John Brennan (in which he mentions it as a potential future concern) has been systematically propagated and hyped up, to keep people focused on an imaginary future program – instead of focusing on the Global Geoengineering System that has existed for over half a century, and which is responsible for all severe weather on the planet… every single day.

That’s the same reason for blaming it all on George Soros and Bill Gates (who – in addition to Obama – seem to get blamed for everything under the sun). It keeps people from using their common sense in determining the culprits (who are in control of the global industrial power plant grid and global Doppler radar grid), and also makes them sound – incredibly ignorant.

The same goes for “HAARP.” If people are forced to focus on HAARP being in control of all weather, aside from sounding ignorant – they won’t be looking at the Nexrad or Doppler Radar station they probably live only a few miles away from.

This is why the “Geoengineering Truth Movement,” never gets any results. While Controlled Opposition keeps people busy with pointless “Chemtrail Lawsuits” and marches that do little but demonstrate how poorly informed people are, daily manufactured weather is happening right in front of them. Instead of endless debate of whether “Chemtrails” exist or not, people could be walking over to their local power plant, and watch cloud systems being manufactured. Instead of obsessing over the decommissioned HAARP facility, people could walk over to their local Nexrad station, and watch cloud systems being manipulated by frequency.

So, I’ll make one more effort to get the “proper” information to Alex Jones and Joe Rogan. After 20 years or reverse-engineering this system, those who can see daily manufactured weather right in front of them, should finally have real, verifiable, observable facts, that can’t be dismissed as “Tin Foil Hat Conspiracy Theory.” If Alex Jones and Joe Rogan are serious about wanting their followers to actually understand, they dearly need to start propagating this irrefutable evidence – instead of the extremely tired talking points and misdirections. I’ve been waiting a very long time for the “Truth Community,” to start being interested in the Truth. Please help me make sure they see it – by sending them this video.

Global Flash Flood Destruction Documentary – GoFundMe Campaign:

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No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101


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12/2/17 Toxic Skiesand Heavy Chemical spraying over Wyoming as Geoengineers prepare the next man made storm system coming through the next 24 hours. DO NOT EAT THE SNOW Children.. #WEDONOTCONSENT