Katrina Geoengineering: Ten Years Later

It’s hard to believe ten years has passed since Katrina. At the time (just as a prime example of the misdirection we are subject to) I was as wrapped up in the lack of response by Federal Agencies and the seemingly deliberate abandonment of so many people – just like everyone else. At the time I didn’t have any idea that that too was another symptom or effect of the fact that the storm itself was manufactured… as are all such storms in 2015.

If this is your first encounter with my work, then surely that sounds outlandish and crazy. If you are regular viewer however, you know I’ve proven it a hundred times at least. There is “No Natural Weather” on this planet, and there hasn’t been for a very long time. Those who want to see my proof and want to understand 100 years of geoengineering development, need simple read my eBook and / or spend some time with my nearly 200 videos on the subject to see just how real my conclusions are. As I say continuously: Any meteorologist with a name, face, and reputation to stake on their argument, is invited and welcomed to challenge any bit of my work. Although the meteorological and climate communities are surely acutely aware of this work, to date there hasn’t been a single person of repute willing to take that challenge.


Ten years and 150+ billion dollars later, barely a handful of people understand even the simplest of realities illustrated in this video. This summer New York is setting a record every single day. 50+ days in a row and counting over 80 degrees, is an all-time record. July was the hottest July in recorded history. August was the hottest August in recorded history. 2014 was the hottest year in recorded history, surely to be topped by 2015. This week (the beginning of September) New York is going into its next official heatwave as a stint of at least 4 days above 90 degrees approaches. Every single day in the streets in this country and worldwide the topic is the extraordinary heat (and / or the inexplicable Flash Floods in-between), yet to my continuing bewilderment I heard an NBC meteorologist respond when questioned that “maybe this has something to do with Global Warming” (aka Global Burning).

Well… of course it does. Most of the country (never mind the rest of the world) has had 90+ degree days all Summer long which have only been broken up by the occasionally successful effort at firing massive amounts of Water Vapor into the air, and getting it to come back down by the dumpster load in Flash-Floods. When is the last time you heard of rain that didn’t result in Flash Floods? It’s a weekly occurrence, and (in context) further illustrates the desperate effort to cool the planet and manage the excessive temperatures. Who benefits from pretending this isn’t happening? Certainly that is probably a fairly long list – but no one whose intention is to live on the planet is benefitting – in any conceivable fashion.

So, once again, I see the need to point out that this work – is the only way to cut through the myriad misdisrections and delusions, and to get straight to the easy to understand and undeniable realities. There’s very little “mystery” to “Climate Change” (Climate Collapse) and Global Warming (aka Global Burning) for me anymore. That becomes true for anyone who reads my book and studies my videos as well. If you want to actually understand why it is 100 degree everywhere, if you want to understand why the only rains now are Flash Flood rains and Pop-Up Showers, If you want to understand why the same Storm System Rotations appears in exactly the same areas time, after time, after time, this is work is the only place you can attain that understanding.

Somehow – this work remains unknown to the millions (billions) of people who desperately need the information to understand the world we all live in. I urge everyone who reads this share this (and all of my videos) on and in response to any applicable website, article, or blog, help spread this irrefutable work on all social media platforms, and please make a small contribution to singularly unique and entirely non-“sponsored” work. When enough people see and propagate just how easy to understand the truth really is, it just has to catch on.


No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101

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