Geoengineering: Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak 05-10-16

Another week of inexplicable baseball sized hail out of nowhere and tornado swarms tearing up several towns in several states. Meanwhile meteorologists continue to offer no explanation of why or how this could possibly be happening like clockwork, other than showing made-up graphics of zig-zagging jet streams and blaming ‘warm moist’ air from the Gulf. The victimized residents of these destroyed towns are supposed to be grateful for having so much as a Hallmark card left of their lives, and be thanking God they survived “Mother Nature’s” wrath. As is always the case however, Mother Nature has exactly nothing to do with it.

My viewers know, I’ve seen it all before. In the last five years, there isn’t a denial, misdirection, evasion, or insult I haven’t been accosted with, and I’ve quite effectively countered them all, with daily undeniable reality. For those unfamiliar with this fact, all one has to do is spend time with Psyop Disinformation and Terrorism playlist, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

My viewers are also quite familiar with the fact that when anyone ‘new’ comes to challenge this work or reality, they invariably NEVER look at any of my extensive and undeniable documentation of over 50 years of active global geoengineering, or bother to check my equally extensive documentation of these scripted disinformation and denialist tactics. After so many years of dealing with them, the reason is incredibly obvious to me: it never even occurs to them (since these tactics are so largely effective in shutting up and intimidating everyone in cyberspace), that I could possibly be any different. They just roll out the same dumpster, and expect it to work on me, like it has everyone else.

However, I’m not – at all – like everybody else. That isn’t egotism or vanity talking, it is documented and repeatedly illustrated – fact. As I say frequently, and have repeatedly proven, I understand the global geoengineering system, like I understand the combustion engine. Attempting the myriad of tired tactics to deny the existence of global geoengineering (either paid or out of ignorance), is the equivalent of denying the existence of the combustion engine. All that can conceivably be accomplished in doing so, is broadcasting you own ignorance and denial, or broadcasting your own ulterior motives. Either way, as I said… I’ve seen and heard it all before.

So, for this ‘professor,’ or anyone else who wants to tell me the combustion engine doesn’t exist, I have a couple of pieces of advice. Before you start shoveling piles of ‘hot and moist’ nonsense at me, make it through at least one of my videos. As is the case with this video, you’ll usually find that whatever scripted BS you intend to use to deny 50 years of satellite documented reality, isn’t going to work – in the slightest.

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