More Ratcheted up Weather from Geoengineering

Every living organism on Earth is being bombarded with a quintillion times more microwave energies than we were just ten years ago…

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Frankenstorm Sandy: Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering

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Weather War Big Picture: Geo-Engineering & Bio-Engineering – V.1 FULL

Weather War Project

Geo-Engineering in New York City – Frankenstorm Sandy Aftermath

Frankenstorm Sandy: Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering

Weather War Big Picture: HAARP, Chemtrails, Geo-Engineering, & Bio-Engineering

Nexrad HAARP Weather Control: Geo-Engineering Hurricane Isaac

Nexrad HAARP Weather Control: Conversation with a Weather Channel Meteorologist

How Nexrad HAARP Works: Turning Natural Storms into Biblical Floods




Video Sources:

Weather Modification in Texas Admitted As Recent as July 2011 – August 28, 2011

Chemtrails Produced by Aviation Fuel Laced with Aluminum or Trimethylaluminum

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology

Spectacular UFO Lenticular Cloud & X-Files “X” Timelapse 3-9-2010 in Santa Clarita

Amazing UFO Lenticular Cloud Sunset Timelapse 100% Real! V01350

Amazing Lenticular “UFO” cloud Fleet forming with virga trails

Lenticular and Wave Cloud Timelapse – Boulder, CO – 01.23.12



11/18/11 Stationary Cloud

Reno Lenticular time-lapse

Stationary Wave Cloud Timelapse – Boulder, CO 09.19.11

Rainbow Wave Clouds / Iridescent Cirrus Forming in Timelapse

Research & Resources:

United States Patent 5003186 for seeding stratosphere with metal aerosol in jet fuel [pdf]…

Geoengineering – The Risk Management Potential of Climate Engineering – Ken Caldeira & David Keith

American Meteorological Society

Ken Caldeira, Ph.D., Climate scientist, Carnegie Institution Department of Global Ecology, & professor, by courtesy, Department of Environmental Earth System Sciences, Stanford University (download Ken’s slides)

David Keith, Ph.D., Canada Research Chair in Energy and the Environment, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary (download David’s slides)

Paul Higgins, Associate Director, American Meteorological Society Policy Program

Geoengineering, Weather Modification, & Global Climate Control

The History of Weather Control – An Interactive Timeline

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Geoengineering for Financial Gain

Peter Kirby, author of Chemtrails Exposed, joins us to discuss the chemtrailing agenda, and how weather modification has been exploited by well-connected insiders for financial gain. We also talk about the military applications of this technology and how the Department of Defense has been working on it behind the scenes for decades now.


Just went out and saw this

DANE WIGINGTON Climate Change WARNING 2017 Ref: Geoengineering

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Dane Wigington has an extensive background in solar energy. His personal residence was featured in a cover article in the world’s largest renewable energy magazine, Home Power. He owns a 1,600-acre “wildlife preserve” next to Lake Shasta in California. Dane is the lead researcher for and has investigated all levels of geoengineering from chemtrails to HAARP. He also assisted Michael Murphy with his production of “What in the Hell are They Spraying.”

(Show date: 3-1-17) Researcher and activist Dane Wigington has been documenting disturbing changes in the environment he attributes to the practice of “geoengineering.” This includes various weather modification techniques including chemtrails and projects such as HAARP. He began his three hour segment by telling George and the listeners that the Earth is headed for “omnicide,” or the elimination of all life on the planet because of what he says are secret climate control projects that stretch back to at least 1947. The reports of China boasting that they controlled the weather during the recent Beijing Olympics is just the tip of the iceberg, according to Wigington. He believes that weather modification has caused far more damage to the atmosphere and contributed to global heating than simple pollution and carbon emissions.

Wigington believes that the climate changes that are coming are “past the point of no return,” and wants people to be aware of the causes. The reasons for governments engaging in weather modification are purely to control populations by controlling the food supply, he contends. He cited documented evidence of chemical spraying from high-altitude aircraft, and added that pilots are silenced with non-disclosure agreements that include a provision for “use of deadly force” if they do not comply. He thinks that the spraying is designed to block sunlight and cool regions that have become too hot. In spite of this seemingly exact control of the weather, Wigington believes the evidence he has gathered proves that things are so out of balance at this point that fixing the climate is like “trying to put out fires with buckets of gas.”

Wigington’s research has proved to him that earthquakes can be caused by directed energy weapons (such as HAARP) which bounce streams of electromagnetic waves off of the upper atmosphere, which superheats the air over “seismically sensitive” areas such as California and some areas of the midwest, causing unstable fault lines to rupture. He says that there is evidence for this in the correlation of weather and earthquake records from such areas as Haiti, Fukushima, and New Zealand. He also contends that areas where anomalous cold weather and snow are present are being engineered through the use of “chemically nucleated” cloud seeding. Wigington characterizes the global efforts at weather control as a “climate engineering Manhattan Project.”

Feinstaubalarm in Stuttgart – Geo Engineering über Deutschland – 2017 !

175 U S patents prove that geoengineering and weather control technologies are REAL… see the list h

Today’s Alternative News Channel – 175 U.S. patents prove that geoengineering and weather control technologies are REAL… see the list here

The United States government has granted patent approval to at least 175 inventions and technologies that are officially recognized to control or augment weather systems. (See the full list below.)

For years, Dane Wigington, the founder of, has been mocked by the fake news media for daring to claim that weather control technology exists. Now, with two back-to-back superstorms targeting the United States of America in less than two weeks — Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma — more and more people are beginning to ask whether these storms are being influenced, augmented or even “steered” into their intended targets through the use of exotic technologies.

The idea seems outlandish at first glance. But then you might remember that Al Gore and the global warming crowd openly claim that humans influence the weather all the time, creating hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts as a direct result of human activity. This view is openly endorsed by nearly the entire scientific community, including government agencies like the EPA, which claims that humans are directly altering the atmosphere, weather and ocean levels. Thus, even “official” science organizations openly support the notion that severe weather events are created by people. It is the foundational narrative underpinning global warming and climate change.


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Today’s Alternative News

Geoengineering: Europe – Italy Flood 11-17-14

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Needless to say, covering the horrendous flooding during the month of November in Europe has widened my perspective. As I said in the video, for some reason I was under the impression that the geoengineering grid in Europe couldn’t possibly be as developed as the Canada / U.S. / Mexico grid. I don’t know what made me think that. After watching a month of manufactured weather across Europe that easily equals if not surpasses a month in the United States, I see that impression was clearly incorrect.

I spent the morning writing a lengthy post comment for this video, then decided I wasn’t ready to post most of it. Not for any particular reason other than I want to study the area and develop my thoughts on it more first.

I will however include the conclusion of that writing. What this month of deliberately manufactured storms and flooding clearly illustrates, is that the people of Europe are going through the same manufactured hell as the people of the United States… or anywhere else for that matter. Thus once again it begs the question “Are all world governments in cahoots against all world peoples, or are they as clueless and victimized as the rest of the population?”

There’s only two ways it can be, right? Either all of the governments and all of the leaders are “in the know” and conspiring to keep a geoengineered climate from the population of the planet (the quite evidently “sponsored” perspective we are all supposed to accept), or 99% of them don’t know any more about this than anyone else, and are just going about their jobs as civil servants. For instance, what are the odds that the people involved in approving zoning in any given state for yet another power plant running on 1800s steam engine technology, burning woefully inefficient 1800s fuel sources, are actually aware that they are most likely approving a cloud factory as well? I’d say the odds – are probably zero.

Seems to me, the much more likely scenario is that the people who reap countless billions keeping this global society enslaved to burning petroleum and coal, who prevented the electric car, who prevented the conversion of gas powered cars to water powered cars, etc., etc., etc., and who design and build these coal and oil driven clouds factories – aren’t telling anybody, anything… and haven’t for a hundred years.

So… in regards to two of the most popular questions I get: “Who is responsible for this?” and “what can we do?” I’ll tell you at least where you can start. Start by learning and understanding the reality so that you can have an intelligent and convincing conversation about it with anyone – at any level. Then take this work and start finding out who in your neighborhood, local media, local government, national government, etc., – actually has any clue at all what is going on on this planet.

Don’t buy into the sponsored destabilization fear porn (designed specifically to stop you from ever trying to contact anyone in government or police authority about anything), that all government is “the enemy” and “in on it.” It just isn’t plausible, on an individual level. Besides, you have an easy defense. This is my work. If any ‘official’ or anyone else for that matter, questions you gives you any kind of grief, feel free to tell them to direct their questions or grief – to the source.

The primary objective then… is finding some influential people, groups, government officials – who actually want to understand the state of our planet, and why it is the way it is. There has to a pony in here somewhere.

Incidentally, the very best and easiest way to understand the fundamentals of 100 years of global geoengineering, is to buy my ($5) eBook “NO NATURAL WEATHER: Introduction Geoengineering 101.” Again, that’s not ego or ‘book sales’ talking… that’s demonstrable fact, and the reason I wrote it in the first place. Everyone on Earth, should understand that 40 pages.

No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101


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No Natural Weather: eBook Obstruction and Disinformation

Introduction to Geoengineering 101

The Big Picture 2.0

FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law.

Geoengineering: California Drought 101

No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101

As has become something of a pattern lately, I hadn’t planned on spending the weekend working on this video. However, a considerable amount of incorrect information is being propagated and accepted about the reasons for the California drought conditions, and it does none of us any good who are actually concerned about this crisis to allow that to continue. If this topic is going to get any public attention or if any ‘activist’ action is going to be taken, it has to be based on accurate information if it is to be of any benefit at all.

California (in the order of ‘weather’ moving West to East across the country), is the first state in the cycle. In a world of manufactured weather, that puts California in a unique and difficult position. California is the first state to contribute to every manufactured weather system, and if you look closely at the Western border of California during the July GOES West and CONSUS satellite series included in this video, you will see massive WV Gen burst up from that line consistently. That is predominately generated from the geothermal plants lining the border that are also illustrated in this video.

However, if you look closely, you will also notice that there is virtually no WV Gen at all produced from California East of its border. Although California has considerably less WV Gen capacity than other states (which I will get to in a moment), it is not devoid of them… which the lack of generation would seem to indicate.

This is the result of two factors, the first of which is rather ironic. The fact that California has only 3 coal power plants (the most convenient and abundant fuel source for WV Gen) and the fact that it has fewer and smaller WSAC installations than other states gives it less capacity to produce WV Gen. This seems to be a result of California’s focus on environmentalism. I’ve seen numerous videos of old coal power plants being decommissioned and imploded as a result of environmentalism, which clearly impacts the states geoengineering ability to generate WV.

The second problem is that California simply doesn’t have the water to fuel the WV Gen systems anyway. Even where I did find WSAC facilities, I also found completely empty tanks and reclamation ponds… meaning they are of no use anyway. As I said earlier and as I illustrate in this video, since the State of California is first in the cycle, there isn’t any WV gen coming to the state from other states, to replenish the WV it produces, as is (somewhat) the case in the mid and Eastern states. Hence, over decades of geoengineering, California and the Western states are using up much more water than they ever get back, and thus have all but depleted their ground water supply.

As disturbing as it sounds (particularly coming from me), I consider these somewhat resolvable engineering problems. Mind you, at the moment I am strictly speaking from the “how to get rain to California” perspective. Considering we don’t have a time machine large enough to stick the Earth in, returning California and the Pacific Ocean to “naturally” operating conditions isn’t a near-future option. We are quite a long way from resolving, addressing, or even acknowledging the 100 years of wrong thinking and action that brought us to this disastrous place to begin with.

However, it can’t be resolved in secrecy, it can’t be resolved under the guise of a network of misinformation, and it can’t be resolved without the people of California knowing and understanding the reality of the situation, and contributing to, and approving of the solutions. If the people of California (or Shasta County) are going overcome this dire situation, they are going to need very real and accurate information… which is something they don’t have any of at the moment.


– Edited for space. Full message continued in video post comment.

Note: Please support this continuing independent work. Since I quite obviously have no sponsors or any support from the ‘geoengineering leaders,’ every contribution helps greatly.

No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101

No Natural Weather: eBook Obstruction and Disinformation

Introduction to Geoengineering 101

The Big Picture 2.0

Psyop Disinformation, Obstruction, and Terrorism

FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law.

Don’t believe in Geoengineering? Watch this…(03-05-2017)

03 ‎May ‎2017, ‏‎17:54:02 to 21:29:58 – Understand Geoengineering:

1) Heavy chemtrailing to interject frequency controllable Nano-Chem components.
2) Wide ranging Nexrad pulsed frequency rotation of piezoelectric nanoparticles.
3) Generation of rolling and rotating heterodyne gravity wave clouds.
4) Focus on where the sun is in the sky and repeat….

Promoted “reality”: Weather is normal but more extreme due to climate change

Promoted controlled opposition: Global Geoengineering is messing with weather, but mainly just chemtrails or HAARP…

Actual reality: There is no natural weather (the entire natural precipitation cycle was destroyed decades ago and replaced with global geoengineering including Power Plant/WSAC water vapour generation with chemtrails & NEXRAD frequency control)

Shot with one frame every four seconds. See more photo’s of this on the blog –

New Cloud Types… Proof of Geoengineering:

Visit Weather War 101 on Youtube if you want to see even more undeniable evidence of geoengineering:

How Nexrad Works: Turning Natural Storms into Biblical Floods:

Geoengineering: Nexrad Sequential Heterodyne Wave Generation:

Nexrad Weather Control: Creating Cloud Systems 101:

Nexrad WSR-88D

Geoengineering: Orgone Intro 1:

Meteorologists are Lying:

If you want to understand nano-particles, Morgellons Syndrome and more:

Nano Skies Movie: Chemtrails Revealed (HD)

Global Warming – Is Very Real:

Global Warming: 70 Degrees in December:

Warmest Christmas Ever:

Heatwave = Global Burning: Iran 165°:

Godzilla El Niño Misdirection:

Proof: Worldwide Massive Flooding is All Manmade:

Introduction to Geoengineering 101:

The Big Picture 2.0:

Geoengineering: Europe Jet Stream:

Europe Hex Rotation:

Understanding Snow & Ice Nucleation:

Understanding Snow and Ice Nucleation – Thor:

First Snow 2016: Manmade Weather Event Argos:

Etheric Weather Engineering – Trevor Constable 1990:

Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation (Includes The 8 Traits of A Disinformationalist):

Global Flash Flood Destruction: The Obvious Man-Made Source:

Biggest Cover-Up on Planet Earth:

2018 Flu Pandemic & Flu Shot | Owning the Weather | Geoengineering | Missing 411

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Launch of Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance Initiative (C2G2)

C2G2 serves a vital purpose: connecting and mobilizing actors from many sectors of society to look at the very real possibilities of engineering the climate–a prospect which offers great potential but also great peril. This discussion tackles geoengineering from different perspectives, including those of scientists, the Red Cross, and Greenpeace.

For full audio and transcript for this event, please go to: