Solar Geoengineering Over Wyoming 2018

April 15 2018 Worland,WY. This is not what our skies should look like..
Research: Aircraft Pollution Implicated in Dangerous Ultraviolet Radiation Increase –…

Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program – https://geoengineering.environment.ha…

Science Claims Geo engineering wont work

Hers the facts as I see them.

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Delta Airlines Spraying Chemicals ‘DNA Spray’ For Solar Geoengineering Programs Over Wyoming

2/1/18 Delta,Military Contractors and several Commercial Airlines covered the sky in a toxic layer for lunch over Worland Wyoming. The Military Industrial Complex aka Jesuits continue to ramp up the. Chemical and biological warfare #WEDONOTCONSENT

Military/Contractor Out Of Denver CO Spraying Toxic Chemicals For Geoengineering Programs 2018

Military/Contractor Coming Out Of Denver CO ‘No Info Available/NA’ 1/14/18 Big Chemical Dump For Solar Geoengineering Programs #WEDONOTCONSENT

Solar Shield,Solar Geoengineering,Geoengineering,Weather Warfare,Climate Engineering #WEDONOTCONSENT

12/2/17 Toxic Skiesand Heavy Chemical spraying over Wyoming as Geoengineers prepare the next man made storm system coming through the next 24 hours. DO NOT EAT THE SNOW Children.. #WEDONOTCONSENT

Geoengineering At Sunset Preparing To Bring In Next Toxic Man Made Snow Storm Over Wyoming

Do Not Eat The Snow Children!The criminals and puppets at NOAA have issued a winter weather advisory for Wyoming December 3-4 2017. Geoengineer’s were busy dumping chemicals over Wyoming all day.Chemical filled skies,mountains and Moon rising at sunset 12/2/17 #WEDONOTCONSENT

Solar Geoengineering #WEDONOTCONSENT

The sky demons were out on Halloween 10/31/17 Delta turning on the black chemicals.

Condor And Lufthansa Taking Part In Geoengineering Programs!Lufthansa Unloading Mass Chemicals

Geoengineering continues over Wyoming 11/12/17 Condor dumping with Lufthansa coming up behind with a bigger,dirtier chemical dump #WEDONOTCONSENT
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One Day Of Geoengineering In Two Minutes

Time lapse of toxic chemical dumps ‘Geoengineering’ over Wyoming last winter.You will find no real clouds in this video all are man made and didn’t exist when I was a kid growing up here #WEDONOTCONSENT

Geoengineering Wyoming Oct 27 2017

Footage from the chemical dumps over Worland,Wy
#WEDONOTCONSENT These Programs must be stopped now!

Air Quality At Sunrise 100% Toxic Because Of Geoengineering!We Are All Breathing This!!

10/27/17 Wyoming is no longer the ‘Cowboy’ State it is the Chemical State and dumping grounds for these geoengineering programs. Time for the Wyoming Department Of Environmental Quality to be held accountable for covering up these crimes along with the EPA and all elected officials,local,state and federal including all law enforcement who refuse to protect and serve there citizens.
We are out of time it is time for real action #WEDONOTCONSENT

Northern District/North Pole Extended Long Flights For Geoengineering Programs

10/27/17 Multiple flights of very well known commercial airlines engaged in these weather warfare programs including Qatar Airways 739 which I have documented over Wyoming. #WEDONOTCONSENT

Flight Radar 24 –

Trump Supports The Military Industrial Complex’s Geoengineering Programs Because He’s A Puppet

Norwegian and United Airlines Team Up For A Mega Dump On A Chemical Disaster Piece The Military Industrial Complex Had Been Hammering On All Day.
These Two Came Shortly After Swiss and Turkish Airlines Both Dumped The Black Death Spray 1022/17 Watch United Lay Out A Massive Trail That Ignites The Man Made Toxic Cloud.

Geoengineering At Sunset Over Wyoming

10/21/17 Another disgusting sunset over Wyoming thanks to the Military Industrial Complex’s Geoengineering programs.Toxic skies are the new norm over the once beautiful Cowboy State.
Bighorn Basin,Wyoming Camera- Nikon coolpix P900