Delta Airlines Spraying Chemicals ‘DNA Spray’ For Solar Geoengineering Programs Over Wyoming

2/1/18 Delta,Military Contractors and several Commercial Airlines covered the sky in a toxic layer for lunch over Worland Wyoming. The Military Industrial Complex aka Jesuits continue to ramp up the. Chemical and biological warfare #WEDONOTCONSENT

Great Pyrenees Do Not Consent To Geoengineering And Remember What The Sky Use To Look Like

Old Wyoming mountain dogs Mac and Stony ‘would like to have a few minutes alone with Dr David Keith and Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Department

Geoengineering At Sunset Over Wyoming

10/21/17 Another disgusting sunset over Wyoming thanks to the Military Industrial Complex’s Geoengineering programs.Toxic skies are the new norm over the once beautiful Cowboy State.
Bighorn Basin,Wyoming Camera- Nikon coolpix P900