Geoengineering Overview 3/20/2018 Rhode Island, USA

ShadowCitizen Rachael L. McIntosh introduces Jolie Dawn (Diane) of for a presentation about the history and current technology of geoengineering, as well as Rhode Island legislation concerning weather modification, RI H6011, at the East Greenwich Free Library on 03/20/18.

THE GEOENGINEERING ACT : The Establishment of Rhode Island State procedures to regulate, license, or prohibit the intentional manipulation of the environment through Geoengineering.

“Geoengineering” is defined herein as the intentional manipulation of the environment, involving nuclear, biological, chemical, electromagnetic and/or other physical-agent activities that effect changes to earth’s atmosphere and/or surface.

WARNING Geoengineering + 5G = Ecogenocide : Jolie Diane and Susan Clarke

In this episode of SHADOWCITIZEN Rachael continues last week’s important discussion on Geoengineering & 5G with Jolie Diane and special guest Susan Clarke, both of whom have worked on the only anti-geoengineering bill of this type in the United States of America RHODE ISLAND’S H 6011.
Jolie Diane is an independent Geoengineering researcher, and director @ & She is an advocate for environmental and human health. Jolie is currently working full time to support the anti-geoengineering legislation from Rhode Island (H6011) and help activists from other states and nations get started on the anti-legislation where they live.

Susan Clarke has done over a decade of research at Harvard School of Pubic Health, from which she holds a certificate in Health and Human Rights in her area of expertise, radio-frequency radiation bio-effects. She has quantitatively reviewed the scientific literature and is well known for her “Safe technology IS smart technology. Microwave radiation does not belong in our children’s schools!” Susan is also the co-author of Rhode Island’s GeoEngineering Bill of 2017 H 6011 which is being looked at in other states, such as Maine, and studied by concerned people not only in America but in other parts of the world, most notably Australia. [

General Letter to Oppose DAS / 5G…/weather-and-climate…/ [

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Susan Clarke []

“Weather Research and Forecasting Innovation Act of 2017”
Signed into law by President Trump April 18,2017