Geo engineering gone wild

SOLAR SHIELD 2017 is in full effect. If you like to pretend this isnt real, have at it.
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Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program Must Be Stopped-Arrest David Keith

Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program -

Footage taken over Wyoming 10/31/17

Toxic Wyoming Skies From Solar Geoengineering Programs! Do Not Eat The Snow Children

2/11/18 Heavy Chemical Spraying over Wyoming as Geoengineer’s prep the next toxic man made snow event arriving later this evening #WEDONOTCONSENT

Delta Airlines Spraying Chemicals ‘DNA Spray’ For Solar Geoengineering Programs Over Wyoming

2/1/18 Delta,Military Contractors and several Commercial Airlines covered the sky in a toxic layer for lunch over Worland Wyoming. The Military Industrial Complex aka Jesuits continue to ramp up the. Chemical and biological warfare #WEDONOTCONSENT

Corgi Puppies Demand You Google “David Keith,Harvard,Solar Geoengineering,Solar Shield,Chemtrails’

Meet my two new lil brothers Fin and Kip 1/28/18 Two more reasons to keep on fighting these Evil Criminals Spraying our Skies and poisoning all life #WEDONOTCONSENT

LOT Spraying Toxic Chemicals For Geoengineering Programs

1/13/18 LOT 21 dumping another dirty toxic mix of chemicals over Wyoming #WEDONOTCONSENT

Norwegian Spraying Toxic Chemicals For Solar Geoengineering Programs

1/13/18 Heavy chemical spraying over Wyoming continues #WEDONOTCONSENT

KLM Dumping Chemicals For David Keith And Harvard’s Solar Geoengineering Research Program

The beginning of another day of toxic spraying as Geoengineer’s hammered Wyoming skies 1/7.18 #WEDONOTCONSENT

Wild Horses And Geoengineering Over Wyoming

Jan 6 2018 When I was young there use to be hundreds of these beautiful souls in a herd with dark blue skies,puffy beautiful clouds and a yellow sun #WEDONOTCONSENT

British Airways Caught Dumping Mass Chemicals From The Belly For Solar Geoengineering Programs

Four Engines,Five Trails! Chemicals Being Sprayed From The Belly Of British Airways BA283 Under The Local Sun As Geoengineering Programs Continue To Pick Up And pound Our Skies Daily 12/11/17 #WEDONOTCONSENT

Department Of Defense Contractor ‘Western Global Airlines’ Caught Spraying Chemicals-Geoengineering

Western Global Airlines a Department Of Defense contractor with suspected ties to the CIA caught spraying chemicals over Wyoming.
These Geoengineering programs must be stopped now!All local,state and federal officials must be held accountable for allowing these crimes to continue #WEDONOTCONSENT 12/2/17

Dripping blood, a severed arm, & 67 tons of cash on a CIA plane …

Western Global Airlines N545JN – Wikispooks

Solar Shield,Solar Geoengineering,Geoengineering,Weather Warfare,Climate Engineering #WEDONOTCONSENT

12/2/17 Toxic Skiesand Heavy Chemical spraying over Wyoming as Geoengineers prepare the next man made storm system coming through the next 24 hours. DO NOT EAT THE SNOW Children.. #WEDONOTCONSENT

Geoengineering At Sunset Preparing To Bring In Next Toxic Man Made Snow Storm Over Wyoming

Do Not Eat The Snow Children!The criminals and puppets at NOAA have issued a winter weather advisory for Wyoming December 3-4 2017. Geoengineer’s were busy dumping chemicals over Wyoming all day.Chemical filled skies,mountains and Moon rising at sunset 12/2/17 #WEDONOTCONSENT

Busted! El Al Israel LY6 Turning Off The Chemicals ‘Geoengineering’

11/21/17 #WEDONOTCONSENT Geoengineering continues..

Swiss Air Lines Dumping Toxic Chemicals ‘Geoengineering’ #WEDONOTCONSENT

11/18/2017 Swiss LX40 unloading toxic chemicals for Geoengineering programs #WEDONOTCONSENT