Chemtrail tastes salty! ケムトレイルはしょっぱい味がする!2018.2.24

Heisei 30th, February 24th, 2018 (Saturday) Saitama prefecture Niiza city, Japan.
A lot of spraying continued this week and rain and snow fell down the day before yesterday and yesterday. A new cycle began again from today, spraying was actively carried out in the morning, as you can see the evening spread throughout the sky, white sky, white sun. It seemed that the whole sky was full of pollutants sprayed by the chemtrail.
There was one thing I noticed. I move around and around the bicycle, but the day when the chemtrail was done and the day when the whole air is full of chemical substance, as it is today, it will taste distinctive when it comes down with rain is. It was somewhat salty taste in general, I thought at the beginning that it was my own thought, but recently it became clearly recognizable.
A white sky as you can see. The white sun is obviously abnormal, but most people do not notice the abnormality and do not notice that the chemtrail continues to be sprayed everyday.