Chemtrail white sun ケムトレイル~白い太陽 2018.2.21

Heisei 30, February 21, 2018 (Wednesday) Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Niiza city, Saitama Prefecture. I uploaded it on the 22nd of the next day, but chemtrail spraying was done every day until yesterday when I recorded this movie, and today it is raining today. The beginning part of this video was recorded from within Itabashi Ward. A white sun is visible in cloudy weather, but at first glance it looks like cloudy, but if you observe it a little better you can see that the cloud on the wave unique to Chemtrail covers the entire sky. In the end, chemical substances scattered in large quantities until this day were in the state full of the sky.
The latter half was recorded from the house of Saitama prefecture Niiza city in the evening. It is a big problem that most people are completely unaware of the facts and reality although chemtrail spraying is done every day. In the Vietnam War there was a strategy of defoliant, but basically the same thing is happening quietly all over the world quietly what is happening now. In fact it is a situation that can be said as a state of war now, we are being attacked quietly every day without noticing. I want many people to notice the fact early.