David Rockefeller makes the 9/11/01 news

Some credit david rockefeller as being the chief architect of 911. Perhaps the real purpose of this ABC news report was to confirm that; he was number 1 in farm subsidies for the period 1996 to 2000. He received more than $359,000 (just a few hours of his “hourly rate”). The secret codes of media undercurrent communication are hard to fathom.

But, it is notable that only hours before the attacks were scheduled to begin, ABC is mentioning his name. The towers were, publicly, his babies. I don’t recall any sign of regret on his part, no mourning of the destruction of a truly great human endeavor that publicly belonged to him.

But, like his great grandfather before, if he is involved, we can be sure that the cancer cure he sells us is nothing more than snake oil that will give us gastric distress and diarrhea, if we live. He is a traitor that should be run out of town.

Source is the now redacted 911 TV Archive, mostly for 9/11/2001. Used in accordance with the restrictions and guidelines of the US 911 Archive. Go to hell YouTube/google.