Dr. Clive Hamilton, Author of Earthmasters, on Geoengineering

Main article can be found at: http://envisionation.co.uk

Here is a quote from Dr Hamilton’s interview on whether we should accept that the damage is done and climate engineering must be deployed:

If you believe that we will not respond adequately and we will continue to burn fossil fuels for the rest of the century, and a pretty good case can be made that’s in fact what we will do, then geoengineering, attempting to take control of the earth climate seems inevitable.

Some people say, those people with a kind of Promethean orientation, they say, “well human beings have this huge technological capability. We’ve regulated just about every other part of the environment, why not the planet as a whole?” This kind of argument sends a shiver down my spine. It terrifies me! Look how much we’ve screwed up now. We’ve screwed up so badly. Not just with the burning of fossil fuels but in all sorts of areas that to argue that the problem is that we have not had enough technical intervention seems to me to be wilfully ignoring the kind of reckless use that humans have made of our technology. One way or another we are going to have to have alternative kinds of technologies to get us out of this mess.

The question is whether we use technologies that attempt further to dominate the natural world, to subdue Nature, or whether we use technologies that allow us to pull back from our attitude to pull back from our attitude of domination. Technologies that allow us to use less energy and to use energy that is less damaging to the natural world. That is the great debate that is going on now. Unfortunately the Promethean’s are still winning.