Geoengineering Watch and the Wagon Wheel Effect

In a recent presentation, Dane Wigington, the Lead Researcher at showed what he said was the effect of “radio frequency” on water, and spoke of his concern on the effects on human health.

The problem is it’s not radio frequency that’s making the water freeze in mid air. It’s not even being frozen by sound. It’s actually a harmless trick of the camera called the wagon wheel effect.

The wagon wheel effect was first noticed when filming coach chases in old westerns. This effect can freeze objects, like a wagon wheel, if their rotation speed is synchronized with the speed of the camera.

You can replicate this effect yourself.

In Wigington’s example a water hose is attached to a speaker that’s playing a 24 hertz tone, so it’s moving the hose back and forth 24 times a second. The camera is recording at 24 frames a second so this has the effect of making the water look like it has stopped. But it hasn’t, it’s just an optical effect, the Wagon Wheel effect

It’s unfortunate the Wigington is using this cool science experiment to frighten people, but maybe when people see how easily mistakes can be made it might prompt them consider other claims more carefully.

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