“I’ve lost a great friend to conspiracy cult Q-Anon” | LBC

This “disturbed” caller told James O’Brien how she has now lost a friend of 18 years to the conspiracy cult Q-Anon and urged listeners to watch out for friends.

The Q-Anon conspiracy theory is a widely-debunked theory that a cabal of left-wing elites have created a global child sex-trafficking ring and are plotting to bring down Donald Trump.

The theory, which is growing in popularity, suggests that coronavirus is fake and is simply the Government’s method of controlling the public. It also suggests that a raft of Hollywood celebrities, labelled the “Glitterati”, are injecting themselves with a substance “Adrenochrome” taken intravenously from young children’s bodies in a bid to look younger.

Caller Emma told James, “I found all this really disturbing but highly amusing.

“I obviously know they’re nothing more than these alt-right sheep deluded brainwashed cult members, but what’s really sad is they’ve managed to red pill my friend with all this propaganda.”

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