Ronald-Peter Stöeferle: I Believe We Will Easily go to $1500 Gold Very Soon

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Ronald discusses the potential for trust problems within the banking system and why these types of issues can happen quite quickly. His annual report “In Gold we Trust” looks at the problems looming in the financial sector.

Trust in the political system, media, and science all appear to be crumbling at the moment. However, trust in the economy and the U.S. dollar remains reasonably stable. A monetary u-turn is coming, which will likely bring a recession to many countries. What will central banks do to mitigate this, and it seems likely they will counter this with more quantitative easing.

Time Stamp References:
0:45 – Trust in financial markets.
3:00 – In Gold we Trust Report and China.
4:00 – Dedollarization and gold.
5:30 – Gold outlook and forecast.
9:15 – Inflation coming back?
12:40 – Modern monetary theory.