The Real Q Anon Breaks down the Secret Society for you in plain English.

The inside of the upper echelon of the CHI PSI SPY Network that operates in reality.

So in this version of the video we go over the story again to lead you to the CHI PSI Spy network.

Beginning in 2015 I was introduced to a contract given to me by my son. Since this was revealed to me I have be disconnected from my son because these people are very powerful and resourceful.

Mr. Dewity works for this group of people. We have decoded his name down to Thomas Dale Willhite.

I went into my background and found a connection to my past through Tom Willhite who staged his death in 1983 when he was working with a man named Ron Rewald.

Ron Rewald was involved in the rogue BBRDW covert operation to launder money out of foreign governments.

This research lead us to APA (Agency for the Performing Arts) who in my opinion is more like a cover operation for human trafficking and shit.

Ron Rewald when he got out of jail after his Hawaii scandal he lived 1.5 miles away from a house that was owned by Tom Willhite’s widow Jane Willhite. So Ron and Jane were very close in proximity.

APA was started by Lew Wasserman who ran for president with George Bush.

APA is also the former agency behind the Kardashians which connects to the part of the story my son told me about regarding the signing of his contract.

We also examine the addresses of the locations of APA.

This also includes Tyler Grasham who had an office that was nicknaked Neverland where he was known to serve minors alcohol. Another name from the articles was David Saunders.

This also connects strangely to a YouTube Personality Lift The Veil who has a background as a Maserati Dealership. Who was an extra in a movie with Adrien Grenier.