Trees Are Dying But Why Geoengineering

One day I’m making videos of trees dying and not too long after trees are instantly going down. What is going on with the trees? Are they really poisoned by chemtrails? Are we POISONED by Chemtrails. Is that Pink Red Orange Yellow Sky really normal? Is this the apocalypse? Is this a joke? Nope! It’s the sad Truth n we will choose to ignore the Evil or watch the apocalypse wipe us all out. I say don’t let it wipe us out let’s be the greatest Humans to have ever walked Earth join me n others n we will be great together we will be the Heroes n take out the Evil. I know it sounds like a joke right?…..well no this is all real as weird as it sounds. It only seems weird because we’ve been brainwashed n lied to our whole life’s. You’ve heard of War,Starving Kids in Africa,Gun Shootings but have you ever heard of Propaganda,Fluoride,Chemtrails,Evil people trying to control you? Well back to that Lets Be the Greatest Humans Ever just give it some time to think this all over. Not sure I have the answers but if say for now just try n show the people the Truth n tell them why being brainwashed is a bad thing we can start there.