First “OFFICIAL” Location deploying Geo-Engineering dumps / Chemtrails, Tucson Arizona 02/17/18

First “OFFICIAL” Location deploying Geo-Engineering dumps / Chemtrails, over Tucson Arizona 02/17/18! Did the people of Tucson give their permission to spray nano-particulates into their sky? Actually today, even though it appears to be heavy geo-Engineering, the government program of controlling our weather which they now admit to doing but have been denying up until now, when in actuality they have been spraying this poison into our skies for over 15 years now and they keep ramping it up more and more all while claiming that we need to be Geo-Engineering to save us from the huge Hoax called Global Warming! What a joke because the Government Geo-Engineering “Controlling the Weather” Program, also called SRM Solar Radiation Management, as well as Stratospheric Aerisol Dispersements, which are simply called Chemtrails by the well educated awake people are the real reason that our planet is going through hell right now experiencing drastic record breaking dangerous storms!! Now don’t get me started on the fires because not only does Geo-Engineering actually cause fires but it is the reason we have experienced record breaking horrific fires across the US in the last few years which we have never seen the likes of in recorded history! Real News Tucson reporter Chris Haskell