Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 19, 2018, #145 ( Dane Wigington )
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How many can cite verifiable facts to back up their opinions and conclusions? How many are looking through a completely colored lens of preconceptions, programmed ideology, and herd mentality bias? How much longer can the current course continue before the human race hits the wall at full velocity? The collective insanity that currently runs and rules the world continues to metastasize even as they are also increasingly infighting amongst themselves. Headlines of “it’s far worse than previously predicted” are coming in from all corners of the environmental front, and even now the majority of the masses are entertained and distracted by every imaginable form of power orchestrated structure theater. Biosphere collapse will force the hand of the most dangerous power centers on the planet. Which countries and governments are the most dangerous and out of control? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.
Few are yet willing to make any meaningful commitment to the fight for the greater good, this must change. Many have convinced themselves they are helpless to affect the whole, such a conclusion is always false. No matter what individual circumstances any of us find ourselves in, no matter how difficult, there are always opportunities to share the truth (even if it is rejected for the moment). Unfolding global scenarios will soon enough force even the most ardent deniers of reality to face the full unvarnished truth. In the meantime, sowing the seeds of awareness is essential. All of us can make a difference, all of us are needed to try. Any one of us could be the last grain of sand to tilt the scale in the right direction, but only if we do our collective best to sound the alarm. Make your voice heard in this epic battle for the greater good, while you can, tomorrow is too late. 
Dane Wigington

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