Hurricane Nate: Manmade Destruction Continues

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It’s beyond ludicrous that these weekly storms and accompanying insta-floods aren’t the NOUMBER ONE topic. These deliberate, obvious, and relentless manmade events are quite literally the easiest thing on the planet to see and understand, while at the same time being the most devastating revelation to the false-reality this species is forced to exist in.

Understanding the simple reality of boiling water and the impossibility of these endless series of Rapid Evaporation Bursts that combine to create these storms having ANY conceivable natural origin, proves every single day, that all of this destruction is deliberate. The fact that Puerto Rico is still under daily Water Vapor Generation attack three weeks after Hurricane Maria’s devastation, is probably the most obvious wash an island completely clean that we’ve seen to date.

Once again, this is an opportunity for the population the break free hypnosis of the psyop traitors that keep the population ignorant with endless mindless misdirection, and to see what is right in front of them. As “Hurricane / Tropical Storm Nate” now moves up the East Coast, 100 million people are under flash flood threat. As illustrated in this video and as in every single instance, it is the On-Land Water Vapor Generation (Rapid Evaporation) that will continue fueling the blob designated as a “Hurricane,” and that will fuel the insta-deluge flash floods across a large swath of the United States.

As these events continue to increase in frequency severity and after 150 billion dollars in manmade weather devastation in the last two months alone, there is nothing more important for the population to understand, than the blatant and relentless weather attack, we are all under.


If you value this single source of daily manufactured weather proof, please support this singular work.


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