Polar Ice Same as 1979 – Global Warming Lies – Climate Change Really Geoengineering?

NASA’s data on polar ice levels dating back to 1979 now prove conclusively that polar ice on the north and south poles have not receded in any kind of vast or dangerous manner since 1979.
This, such as many other examples like the climategate emails, continues to point at the very clear and present reality that despite changes in Earths climate, CO2 and melting polar ice are not the big dangers they have been built up to be.
With a lot of the aged rhetoric about what the warming of the planet might do to life on Earth now having to change direction, with the facts pointing more towards a change in Earths climate but not an all around warming, the conversation absolutely needs to evolve along with the proper science.
Geoengineering has been promoted openly now for several years and all of the promoters readily admit that once begun, geoengineering/man’s intervention in Earths climate could easily help create the exact same changes in weather and climate that we are currently seeing.
So we are left with a bit of an equation.
Yes, Earths climate is changing. No, it is not all to do with the anthropogenic global warming script of “CO2 is destroying the atmosphere causing Earth to warm rapidly and melt the polar ice caps.” Yes the UN, governments and large corporations from around the world have tried to use that script as means to gain power and control. Lastly, yes geoengineering is a real science, has been around and talked about for decades and admits to being able to cause many of the exact same changes now being seen worldwide in weather and climate.
Is it time to start taking a look at these changes in a drastically different light?


Follow this link for tons of information, documentation and films on geoengineering and stratospheric aerosols (including “What In The World Are They Spraying?” which was mentioned in this report) –

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